Planning ahead matters

Do it for your family, your finances & yourself

Put your family on a path to healing

When the services have been decided and paid for, loved ones are freed from stressful choices and unforeseen expenses – and can focus on being together to honor your life.

Save 40% or more

Memorial costs are expected to rise by 30-40% from service price increases and inflation over the next 20 years. Buying now at today’s prices saves you and your family thousands of dollars.*

Be prepared for the unexpected

Plan ahead and make your arrangements today so you can take comfort knowing your family is covered, no matter what happens next.†

Qualify for Medicaid

Looking to qualify for Medicaid but have too much income? Buying your funeral now reduces your assets for Medicaid eligibility so you can get the benefits you need.‡

Your estate plan isn’t done until you’ve arranged your memorial services

Funeral instructions are a crucial part of your plan. Buying your services solidifies exactly what you want so your wishes can be honored and you aren’t leaving a large burden behind for your family.

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