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Trish, 67

Trish’s family had no idea she wanted a traditional funeral for everyone to attend at her hometown church where she was married.

Paul, 65

Retiring after 37 years in the auto industry, Paul made a sound investment that’s sure to cover the years of fishing and fun he has ahead.

Kathy, 63

Kathy’s kids always come first, and all that matters is knowing they will be able to spend time together with their favorite comfort food and no stress.

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The days get that much sweeter when you've taken care of the plans that will make all the difference after you're gone.

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At Everdays, planning for what comes next is a beautiful gift that will save you and your family from a ton of stress, and we think that’s something to feel really GOOD about! And don't worry, we make it easier than you think. Just answer a few simple questions about your preferences and we’ll make sure all the details are covered, so everyone has peace of mind knowing they have the answers they need. Your plan will be automatically and safely stored in your account, where you can give your family instant access so it’s easy for them to find, too. And when you’re ready, you can protect your family by funding the plan you’ve made, saving everyone from unforeseen expenses and a big financial burden in the future.

The great thing about planning ahead is that YOU get to decide what type of services you want to put in place, and it’s the best way to ensure your wishes will be honored when the time comes. If a traditional service isn’t your style, consider planning for a casual memorial service at your go-to brunch spot, or a casual outdoor barbecue celebration of life with a balloon release. You could even decide to have a simple family gathering somewhere meaningful to you, like your family cabin or your favorite beach to catch the sunset. Whatever it is, planning ahead means your wishes will be known, and your family will have the support they need to honor your life the way you wished.

No worries! With our free funeral relocation services, your plan and insurance package are always movable. If you change your mind and want to use another funeral home, our care team will help you switch providers.

If the funeral home changes ownership, plans and packages are generally passed with the sale and will be honored at that home regardless of the change. If you’d like, you can always move to another home if you’re not happy with the change. If the funeral home closes, our care team can help you switch to a new provider of your choosing.

When you plan on Everdays, you can easily give loved ones access to your plans and documents so they have the answers they’ll need. Instead of frantically searching for documents filed away somewhere at the time of your passing, your family simply opens the app on their phone to find your plan and all the details of your selections and wishes. And once you’ve funded your plan on Everdays, they’ll also have easy access to the insurance policy, the agreement with the funeral home, and proof of purchase – right in the app. Not only will you give your family the answers and financial support they’ll need to get through a very difficult time – you’ll also give them great peace of mind knowing everything is ready and available whenever that sad day comes.

With Everdays, your funds are held safely in an insurance policy by 100-year-old, A+ rated insurance company Homesteaders Life to ensure full package delivery when the time comes. Your funds will be paid directly to your chosen funeral home at the time of your passing to deliver the services you’ve put in place. You get the exact same price as the funeral home charges, but also gain access to exclusive Everdays benefits – from free funeral home relocation services, to app storage and special digital features, to 100 days money back – included for you and your family at no additional cost. And that’s not all. The day you choose to fund your plan, your services and price are locked in and protected against inflation and future service price increases – saving you, your family and your estate thousands of dollars in the long run.

A will is a legal document that spells out your wishes regarding care of your children, as well as distribution of your assets after your death. A will wouldn’t specify your wishes for your retirement, financial plans, or funeral, and it wouldn’t fund these arrangements in advance.

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