A smarter way to share hard news.

Everdays helps you notify family and friends when a loved one passes away.

Focus on what’s important. Everdays frees you from an outdated, emotionally draining process.

Save time.

No need for multiple phone calls, text messages, or emails.

Cut costs.

Stop spending on expensive, ineffective newspaper obituaries.

Relieve stress.

One announcement takes care of any updates for all your contacts.

Reach the ones who matter most and get the support you need with Everdays.

Creating an announcement is easy:


Tell us about your loved one.

Add some basic information and their photo.

Personalize the memorial.

Include an obituary, family message, events, and more.

Bring in your community.

Assign trusted contacts to help you spread the word.

Smart Share

Select family and friends you’d like to notify, then send the announcement with just one tap.


Rediscover cherished memories through curated collections of meaningful photos and videos.

Find peace of mind today. Download Everdays and make a difficult time more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an announcement sent to my contacts?

We text and email your chosen contacts with a link to the announcement on your behalf, via an Everdays phone number and email address.

What happens if I update an event?

We automatically notify your invitees about the update via text, email, or in the app.

Why should I add more members to my Family Circle?

Your Family Circle can help you personalize the announcement and send out important updates.