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Everdays connects you with family
and friends at a time of loss
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When a loved one passes away, many are overwhelmed by a “mourning fog.” It’s difficult for family members to perform everything necessary to arrange a funeral, funeral pre planning, funeral announcement, funeral messages, the funeral invitation, and say goodbye to a loved one. Everdays is here to help.

The first step after someone’s passing is to share the news and reach your community - through a Funeral Invitation share the Funeral Announcement. The Everdays Funeral Announcement is created in a few taps on your smartphone. Easily share funeral messages with friends and family who spread the funeral announcement to the entire community.

The community can share private funeral messages and condolences to individual family members connected to the Funeral Announcement. The Everdays Funeral Announcement can also be used as a digital funeral invitation, easily ensuring that event details reach everyone who matters most. There’s no need to rely on multiple channels to share the funeral invitation or funeral messages. You can share the Announcement with your phone contacts or via social media anywhere, anytime.

Funeral pre-planning can be daunting, but it’s helpful. There are several important steps in the funeral process. To help you with a loved one’s funeral as well as your own funeral pre-planning, you can use this helpful checklist. It covers everything needed throughout the process.


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