We started Everdays to inspire people to give their families what they need to say goodbye with peace

We believe family and friends need to come together after losing someone they love

Saying goodbye together helps everyone through a difficult time. Whether it’s a full funeral service, spreading ashes at the family cabin, or anything in between – the ways to honor life are endless.

But your life deserves to be honored, and people deserve a chance to honor it.


We want you to feel confident planning your funeral long before you die

Our funeral packages are easy to understand and we offer transparent pricing, so you can make your own decisions without ever talking to a sales agent or walking into a funeral home.

We’re digital and online – because it’s important for you to be able to buy whenever, wherever, and however it feels right.

And we partner with trusted providers across the country so you have the freedom to pick the best funeral home fit for your family.

Buying your own funeral is an act of love, and we want you to feel great about that.

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We’ve worked hard to create thoughtful funeral experiences, and we’re sure we’ve got the package that fits you and your family.

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Our family roots

Our founder, Mark Alhermizi, started Everdays because of his parents – both of their lives and passings helped shape the company into what we are today. Losing his parents and participating in their services affirmed for Mark the importance of funerals and having professionals there to guide everyone through the difficult time after the passing of someone they love.

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