Should I Tip the Funeral Director?

To tip or not to tip the funeral director, that is the question. In today’s world, we tip all service providers. We tip our restaurant servers, baristas, barbers, housekeeping at hotels, valet parkers, and dog walkers. Seems like we tip anyone who provides a valuable service. So, should we tip our funeral directors?

The short answer is: No, you do not tip the funeral director.

Their fees are included in the overall funeral costs. After all, they receive a salary from the funeral home and don’t rely on tips. If your funeral director did a good job, you can send a thank you note or rate them favorably online. You can also refer your friends to your funeral director.

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5 Funeral Functions to Consider Tipping

If I shouldn’t tip the funeral director, is there someone I should tip?

Out of courtesy, consider tipping for other basic funeral functions. Here’s a list of people you may wish to tip for their services:

1. Limousine Driver/Procession Officials

If you choose to hire a limo to carry close family members to the burial, this tip might not be included in a funeral home’s bill unless the establishment owns its own set of limos.

2. Caterers/Food Service Staff

If there is going to be a catered meal for the funeral, you should offer the servers a tip of 15 to 20 percent of the total bill. Regardless if you’re having a luncheon after the funeral or a meal at a shiva, tipping the catering staff is suggested.

3. Clergy Member/Celebrant

If you are charged a fee for the clergy member’s services, a tip or donation is not necessary. If there is no cost for these services, consider an honorarium, which could range from $50 to $300.

4. Funeral Musicians or Singers

In many churches, the organist, band, choir and handbell choir perform voluntarily. If they play the music for a funeral, it is good etiquette to offer them a tip for their additional services since they make an extra time commitment to be present. In most cases, $50 to $75 for each musician is customary.

5. Flower Deliveries

You should offer flower delivery tips. They don’t need to be excessive. You can tip $2-$5 though if you’re expecting a lot of deliveries, make sure to keep extra single bills on hand.