I’d been in Michigan for about five years when my husband passed. Before moving, we had a lot of close friends in Florida.

Reach The Important People In Your Life

But, as time passes, you lose touch with people. These were the same friends who had attended our wedding, who we had neighborhood barbeques with, and who had children our kids played with. We also had coworkers that we’d formed friendships with through our first jobs.

The idea of calling all these people was overwhelming, yet I needed to let them know. I thought about Facebook, but I thought a sudden post could be shocking, and I really didn’t know how to word it. A friend of mine told me about this app called Everdays.

I’d never heard of it, but decided to give it try. It seemed easier and less exhausting than making a ton of phone calls and answering a lot of the same questions. I knew I didn’t have the stamina for that. It was a good solution.

Reach The Important People In Your Life – On Time

I was able to get out the funeral information in time, and I couldn’t believe how many people made the trip to Michigan. Everdays also helped me word the notification, and there was even a place to set up a memorial to share memories, videos, and pictures. It was really nice for my friends in Michigan to see pictures of our time spent in Florida.

After reading some of the beautiful words and looking at the old pictures people shared, I reconnected with some people who had been very special to us. It made me realize that even though I lived in Michigan, my friends in Florida had never stopped caring about us.

Everdays connects you with the people that matter most during life’s important moments. To learn more, visit our website or download our app, available on both iOS and Android.