As you reflect upon 2018, did you do what matters most?

Did you surround yourself with people who uplift you?

Did you pursue your passion, have a few adventures, or find the perfect job?

If you are carrying around a few regrets, New Years is the perfect time to look forward with a renewed sense of excitement, optimism, and purpose.


New Year's Reflections

Creating New Years Mantras

Like a company’s mission statement, I’ve started creating New Year’s mantras. Last year’s mantra was the year of “Why Not?” Asking myself this question forced me to step outside my box” and try new things. When I examined reasons that held me back, they turned out to be weak excuses rooted in fear. It’s remarkable how one, small saying posted or spoken everyday reminds me to keep an eye out for opportunities that will bring forth self-growth and expansion.

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shades. ~ Tom Peters


New Year’s Reflections

Mark Alhermizi, CEO and Founder

What I admire about entrepreneurs like Mark Alhermizi, the founder of Everdays, is their courage to take chances and create something that’s never been done before. Many successful risk takers, like Alhermizi, see a need in the world and turn it into a mission. After the death of his father, Alhermizi developed Everdays to help grieving families.


Alhermizi, (qtd. in Crain’s) states, “I lost my dad after I sold my business; it was devastating for me. I came out realizing that this industry really wasn’t supporting the families, so I created this to make the conversations around death and around our loved ones more accessible and acceptable.”


New Year’s Reflections

Connecting You With The People That Matter Most

In 2017, Everdays, a social platform that builds communities around milestone life events, began with only five employees. Today, Everdays has 30 employees and 1.7 million registered users. With the beginning of a new year, it is just as important for organizations and companies to reflect on the past and look for new opportunities for long-term sustainability and better systems to serve their clients. Looking forward to 2019, Alhermizi and his employees at Everdays will expand their reach to even more families across the U.S. in order to help them connect with the ones who matter most and bring them together during important life milestone events.

What Matters Most

What matters most to you in 2019? Consider creating your own New Year’s mantra as a reminder to seize opportunities and pursue passions. Then, like Alhermizi, don’t be afraid to act on them. Who knows – You just might change the world.

Everdays connects you with the people that matter most during life’s important moments. To learn more, visit our website or download our app, available on both iOS and Android.