“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

End of life wishes. "A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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The candles are lit. The cake in front of you is beckoning for your attention. You pause, close your eyes, speak secret words in your head, breathe in deeply, and exhale with force. As you open your eyes, you hope each one of the tiny flames has lost its spark.

Turning A Wish Into Reality

When you realize your secret desire failed to magically manifest, you question whether or not making wishes is just childish nonsense. The failure, however, is not in the wish; the failure is in the follow through. The wish you made as you saw a shooting star, noticed the number 11 11, lost an errant eyelash, blew away the cottony seeds of a dandelion, or extinguished the birthday candles is only the first step in turning a wish into reality.

Our wish should be thoughtful and intentional. It reveals our unexpressed passion, goal, yearning, and desire. Most likely, we’ve never shared our wish with friends and family. We’ve kept it a secret for fear it would be destroyed by the doubters, pessimists, and naysayers. Declaring our wish within our mind keeps it safe from destruction. However, if the wish is not released and only nurtured as a thought, it will wither and die.

As the wishes for our life remain hidden, so do the wishes for our death. Thinking we are too young to worry about it; it is too morbid to discuss; or people will think we’re weird and dark, our desires for either our end-of-life care or end-of-life celebration go unplanned. It is never too early to examine the wishes for our death.

The true purpose of a wish is to identify what we desire and use this awareness to inspire action.

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5 Ways To Make Intentional First Steps

1. Make Your Wish Concrete

Write down your wish or create a vision board. Writing clarifies our thoughts. Until we understand exactly what we want, we will be unable to forge a path to our goal. A vision board posted where we can see it each day keeps the wish from escaping our reality and nudges us to move forward. The same can be done to envision what our end-of-life should look like.

2. Identify the First Few Steps

Maybe you need to conduct research or make contacts for a business idea you’d like to launch. Perhaps you need to find a way to save money for a trip you’ve always wanted to take. Even if the wish is more abstract, such as, I’d like more peace in my life, you still need to identify how you can make that happen, and then act on it. If it’s a wish for your family not to struggle financially from paying for a funeral after you are gone, start creating a contact list of funeral homes, cemeteries, or memorial parks you’d like to visit.

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3. Make a Move

Call your contact; open a savings account; enroll in a class; or start practicing meditation. Once you take the first step, you have invested in the wish and now own your desire.

4. Overcome Obstacles

Your wish will come true if you believe in it and invest in it with 100% commitment. As with anything worth doing, you will be faced with barriers. Use the values of determination, perseverance, and fortitude to overcome any obstacles. Barriers are put in place to test you. They covertly question, “How much do you truly desire the outcome, and how devoted are you to achieving it?”

5. Revisit the Vision

Return to step one regularly. It keeps our wish in sight and motivates us to keep forging ahead. Revisiting the vision also reminds us of our initial intention and gives us an opportunity to check in with ourselves and ask, “Is this something I still wish for in my life or in my death?” If the answer is no, it’s okay to release yourself from the wish. In time, a new one will take its place.

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Be Mindful Of Your Wishes

A wish is a window into the soul’s deepest desire. A wish teaches us about ourselves and what we want for our life and the end of our life. The thought that becomes the wish may also whisper clues about our purpose. The next time you have occasion to wish upon a shooting star or blow out birthday candles, pay attention to what it is you are wishing for. Then, don’t wait for an enchanting genie to appear; make it happen.

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