The awakening trill of a flute is the peaceful beginning of my outro. Though dead to the earth, my spirit rejoices in heaven, much like the remainder of this song I want played at my funeral.

The Funeral Song I Want Played At My Future Service

Funeral Songs – Celebrating Personality Through Music (2019 Edition)

I was introduced to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” when I was a teenager. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties I made the executive decision to have it be the conclusion of my homegoing service.

My coworker died tragically in a motorcycle accident. He was only twenty-six years old. At the church service, they rolled in his casket while Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” proclaimed his entrance. We later learned our beloved coworker had an American flag tattooed on his butt cheek. He was an advocate of American-made automobiles. His friends all drove his vehicle collection in the funeral procession to the cemetery. I never thought of a funeral having a theme until this moment. That one song strung together the various memories shared about him.

The Perfect Funeral Song For You

There isn’t an algorithm or Buzzfeed quiz (yet) to find the perfect song for a funeral. It depends on your focus. My parents were taken aback at my choice for they were accustomed to traditional hymns. I tire of the songs “Amazing Grace” and “It Is Well With My Soul.” Though poetic narratives of God’s love, they derive from tragic situations. When I pass away, I don’t want people focused on any type of hell I went through. I want them smiling and laughing because I was a good time.

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Music sets the tone for a gathering, whether at a frat house or retirement party.

What do you want people to remember about you?

How did you actually live your life in relation to those who will mourn you?

Celebrating Your Loved One’s Personality Through Music

I want this to be a selfish expression of an individual’s life. I think of it as a chance to make the best playlist possible. Though I was born decades after the 1970s, “Last Dance” embodies what I want people to remember about me: calm when approaching scenarios (the intro), but an avid [bad] dancer when a good beat drops.

Inevitably, your swan song may be different than mine. I had many contenders such as “I‘ll Be Missing You” and various R&B songs which unfortunately lacked decent, edited versions. Think of it as your final performance that summarizes your personality better than an eulogy can.

I wanted “Good Life” by Kanye West ft T-Pain, and also any song with T-Pain, but feared rejection from the church where my ceremony would begin. I figured Donna Summer playing would get a handful of eye-rolls, a pocketful of smirks, and a mixture of laughs and tears. Regardless, I’ll be on to another life having a great time. I can only hope those I left behind are having a good time in my absence.

What about you? What song would you choose to describe your life?

Songs I want played at my future service

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