Does exposure to death change our lives? Amy Sagar, who started working in the deathcare industry at sixteen, does have some insights. She started working in the industry at an age when many adults aren’t personally exposed to death. However, she stuck on with it, and is now a Funeral Director at twenty-five. Her story is interesting in how she makes it sound normal- just like end of life should be. She shares details on how everyday exposure has changed her life…

How Does Exposure to Death Change Our Lives?

Does Death Change Our Lives?

Amy shares an interesting way working in the industry has made her more intentional about her own life.

I certainly value life and the people around me a lot more.

I never leave the house without kissing my husband goodbye and I never leave an argument without saying I love you.

That would be the biggest affect the job has because I appreciate those moments. (via)

This speaks to a lot of us who may have experienced a passing of someone close. The pain we experience during death has a transformative power. It makes us more mindful and grateful for what matters the most in our lives, today.

On Making End of Life and Death More Approachable

Apart from helping families plan for end of life, progressive Funeral homes and professionals like funeral directors are looking at creating social change in the way we experience the passing of a loved one.

We’re trying to create social change – not only making funerals affordable but also empowering the people in our community to be able to come to a place of knowledge instead of a place of mystery when a death occurs.(via)

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