Permanent Memorial Ideas: Creative Ways to Permanently Remember Loved Ones

Permanent Memorial

Historically, permanent memorials found in cemeteries and memorial gardens have allowed families to sustain a connection to past generations. Likewise, national memorials offer citizens a place to honor those who were lost in tragic events or those who made a difference in our nation’s history. Throughout time, memorials have provided a safe place to express sorrow, tie us to our ancestors and historical events, give us peace of mind, and secure the remains of our beloved.

Having a common place to gather in honor of a deceased loved one gives people the chance to visit at their leisure to pay respects to their loved ones.

Cremation on the Rise

Many people are starting to explore options outside of the traditional casket burial. Cremation has become a popular alternative, and there are a variety of ways to preserve the ashes from urns to jewelry. This enables families to have a piece of their loved one with them forever, but does not offer a central place for everyone to come together in memory of your loved one.

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Options to Honor Your Loved One

Even though more people are choosing cremation, permanent memorials can still be established to celebrate and honor those who have passed before us. Below are some memorialization options available to families:

1. Inter remains in a columbarium niche. This is a specially designed structure designed to hold cremation urns.

2. Donate a bench that includes a plaque to a local park, golf course, or downtown area.

3. Plant a tree or establish a memorial garden, and add a personal touch by engraving your loved one’s name on a stepping stone.

4. Support your loved one’s community by purchasing a plaque or brick to fund local improvements. This will ensure their name lives on forever.

5. Establish a scholarship in the name of a loved one. This is a philanthropic way to honor a family member and help a student at the same time.

6. Create an online memorial where memories can live on forever. Everdays provides families and friends with a dedicated l space to virtually gather together and share photos and videos of loved ones.

“So long as we are being remembered, we remain alive.”~ Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

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