Building Thanksgiving Traditions Around #WhatMattersMost

Being a big fan of holidays that revolve around food, it’s pretty obvious that Thanksgiving would be high on the list for me. Growing up, it was a day that would start with our annual trip down to the Pontiac Silverdome (and eventually Ford Field) for a Thanksgiving Day game tailgate with my dad and brother, followed by appetizers back home before the main event: turkey and all the sides with my family.

After college, Thanksgiving time also meant “Friendsgiving”: a party several days before the actual Thanksgiving that was a mix of all of our college friends and their significant others. It was a time to be thankful for the people who came into our lives and created lifelong friendships. The group’s size has fluctuated over the years, but it’s become an anticipated event once fall rolls around.

Building New Thanksgiving Traditions

When my wife and I moved to Colorado in October 2015, we weren’t sure what our Thanksgiving would be like since it had never been just the two of us for a major holiday. My brother and his wife were excited to visit us in Denver and had planned to come at some point, so they decided on Thanksgiving and so we began a newer tradition: Thanksgiving meant visiting with my brother, his wife, and my dad.

Building Thanksgiving Traditions Around #WhatMattersMost

The next year, we had a new addition to the family: my brother and his wife had their first daughter Hudson while they lived in New York. After my wife and I had our son Peter and they moved to Kansas City to have their second daughter Logan, we visited them there. Last year, my wife and I got lucky with planning, as our alma mater Oakland University actually played Kansas while we were in town.

What does the weekend entail? Thanksgiving dinner made by my brother and I followed by lots of football: the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and Michigan-Ohio State on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While some of those games have been more exciting than other years, it’s not even about the outcome of the games – it’s about spending time with loved ones and creating memories for the next generation of our family.

Things may have changed over the past decade or so, but Thanksgiving traditions have always been prevalent in my life, and even as they change, they’re still tied to the previous ones we had before.

From Our Everdays Family To Yours

After losing a loved one, every connection counts. Through the support and involvement of you and many others, Everdays has now connected over 1.7 million families during a time of loss. This holiday season we are thankful for you.

This season may be a difficult one. The holidays can stir up feelings of sadness over the loss of a loved one, and also bring opportunities to remember and cherish your loved one in new ways, with new traditions to honor his or her memory. Here at Everdays, we see the journey after a loss not necessarily as moving on, but instead moving forward.

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From our Everdays family to yours, we wish you a season filled with #whatmattersmost – spending time with family and friends, eating delicious food while shamelessly napping in the middle of the day, love and support.

Do you have any unique or long-standing Thanksgiving traditions with your family and friends? Let us know #WhatMattersMost in the comments below!