Giving The Best Of You And Not The Rest Of You

Self-care has often been compared to safety on an airplane. You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help your children with theirs. We are responsible for taking good care of ourselves. To do so is not selfish, but selfless.

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In fact, when asked about aging and death, most people respond that they only want to stay alive as long as they have a good quality of life. However, to achieve a good quality of life means we must intentionally strive for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and to accomplish this, we must take care of both our mental and physical health.

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8 Self-Care Apps Worth Trying

8 Self-Care Apps Worth Trying

With 2.5 billion people throughout the world using smartphones, it is easier than ever to make self-care a priority. Below are some excellent apps for self-care:

1. Headspace

Exercise and yoga were not always a part of the American lifestyle. Jack LaLanne brought awareness to physical fitness in the 50s, while yoga was thought to be a new-agey fad for years. Today, there are yoga studios in almost every plaza. The change in perspective also applies to meditation. Research suggests meditation offers many health benefits. Headspace offers guided meditations to help with stress, sleep, focus, and anxiety. The app also offers exercises in mindfulness for everyday tasks like sports, commuting, or running and others to help with relationships or even self-esteem.

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2. Shine

When Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey saw a need for people to have the same support they offered each other, these two close friends created Shine. Shine is an app that helps us with self-compassion. We are often our own worst critics; additionally, there are many people we will encounter who will gladly judge us. If we don’t lift ourselves up, then who will? For free, shine will start your day with a motivational message. Through daily check-ins, Shine’s thought provoking questions can help turn a bad day around and help us reflect about what we are grateful for.

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3. Colorfy

You can find them on many store shelves these days–adult coloring books. Colorfy brings the benefits of coloring to your mobile phone. It turns out that coloring is not a childish activity. It is suggested that coloring can make us calmer, clear our heads, and boost creativity. Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, used coloring mandalas as a tool for relaxation and self-insight for his patients.

Nancy A. Curry and Tim Kasser research found, “Coloring the symmetrical form of the mandala with its repeating patterns and complexity purportedly helps to draw individuals into a state similar to meditation.” They concluded that coloring patterns may help reduce anxiety.

4. Five Minute Journal

If you’ve always wanted to try journaling, the Five Minute Journal is an excellent starting point. This app enables you to journal whenever and wherever you feel inspired. The creators provide 5 daily questions to focus your attention on gratitude, positivity, productivity, and reflection. One extra-cool feature of this app is that you can create a photo journal of your day as well. Sometimes, capturing a beautiful moment is all we need to flood our senses with joy.

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5. Classpass

They say, “Need is the mother of invention.”

After struggling to find a dance class that fit her needs, Payal Kadakia invented Classpass. With so many fitness options available and new trends entering the industry each year, Classpass allows its members to explore them all. Through Classpass, you can book classes at any fitness studio in their network by purchasing credits. The first month is free and then price varies by the number of classes you choose to take per week. If time is limited, the app also offers video workouts, and for those who need extra motivation, Classpass connects you with a fitness community. If you travel, your credits travel with you, so you can stay in shape while on the road.

6. Healthyout

There are days when we don’t have enough time to make a healthy meal, yet we don’t want to blow our diets or ignore dietary restrictions. With Healthyout, you can choose nutritional preferences such as no gluten, vegan, low calorie, or popular diets. There are additional search features such as type of cuisine, ingredients, and whether you prefer take-out or dine in. Because the restaurant industry is constantly changing, the free app may not be broad in scope, but it is certainly a useful tool on days when we don’t have time to do our own research.

7. Plant Nanny

I am terrible when it comes to drinking water. As a teacher, my days are non-stop, and coffee is my preferred beverage. Plant Nanny turns the user into a virtual plant. It notifies you to drink a specific amount of water based on your physical stature and activity level. Not surprisingly, if you fail to water the plant, the plant dies. The good news is that the plant can be revived with a little watering.

8 Self-Care Apps Worth Trying

8. Moments by Everdays

Embedded in the Everdays app, the Moments Blog provides meaningful advice and information on how to navigate through grief and loss, and also live our best lives. It is through loss that we really learn how to live. Everdays’ blogs are written from a hopeful and mindful perspective on a variety of topics that can help us live our best lives even during our most difficult moments.

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