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Our long-term care solution is a life insurance policy that provides money for your care when you need it, and allows you to leave the rest to your loved ones.

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Example of how long term care coverage works

95% of our life insurance plan1 can be used to cover long-term care.
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$0$500K Max


Can be tapped for your long term care


Remains for your loved-ones

Buying coverage when you’re still healthy makes real financial sense.

For example: a 60 year old woman with a $175,000 policy would pay only $32,000² after 15 years, but would have access to $150,000¹ to cover her long-term care costs if she needed it, and still have $25,000 left for her heirs.

Example of how long term care coverage works
  1. If a licensed Physician provides the Company a written statement attesting that you have become permanently unable to perform at least two (2) of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as eating, toileting, transferring (moving into and out of a bed, chair or wheelchair), bathing, dressing, or continence then the Company can accelerate a portion (up to 25% every 12 months) of the death benefit and pay the Owner of the policy. There is an administrative charge of $100 and the maximum benefit available cannot exceed 95% of the total death benefit or a total of $150,000.
  2. Sample cost based on 60 year-old female, non-smoker, with a $175,000, 20 year Easy Term Life policy.

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