How Much Does a Burial Plot Cost?

It’s never easy to shop for a burial plot. It can be worse when it’s dropped in our lap during a time of significant grief. When a loved one passes without burial preparations, it puts an immense amount of stress and strain on their family when they should be focusing on their own healing, spending comforting time together, and achieving closure. That’s why it’s so important to plan for the inevitable now.

In this guide, we’re going to go over what you should expect to pay for the different types of burial plots or, more colloquially, graves. We’ll discuss what factors play a part in the prices of burial plots and finally, we’re going to give you some pointers on how to save money on a burial plot. Our goal is to help with your funeral planning now, so your loved ones don’t have to in their hour of grief.

What is a Burial Plot?

Burial plots are often also called graves, grave plots and funeral plots but they are all referring to the same thing. Burial plots are where we bury the deceased with respect and the intention of leaving a lasting memorial behind. Humans have been doing this for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries, burial practices have changed, from mass graves that were later exhumed to move the bones into ossuaries and catacombs, to the large, sprawling green cemeteries we see today. Though burial is no longer as popular as cremation, millions of Americans still choose burial every year.

There are more choices in funeral planning, though, than just deciding between burial and cremation. Burial plots themselves come with several options to choose from. There are plots for individuals as well as plots for couples or families. There are single space burial plots as well as double-depth plots and side-by-side burial options. You can even opt to have your beloved pet buried with you. Of all the choices you’ll have to make choosing a burial plot, the cost and location are going to be the most impactful. We hope that by the end of this guide, you’ll have a better idea of what you want and how much a burial plot costs.

Types of Funeral Plots

Funeral plots come in many different shapes and sizes. Before you start funeral planning, have a look at the different types of burial plots below so you can choose one that fits your wishes.

Companion Plots

Companion plots have a couple of options as we’ll cover below, but generally speaking, these sorts of funeral plots are for couples and families and are most often chosen by two married people.

    Side-By-Side Plots -Side-by-side burial plots are two plots next to each other. Often, you can save money by buying side-by-side plots as opposed to purchasing them one at a time.

    Double-Depth Plots -Double-depth burial plots are the width and length of a single burial plot but there is room to bury two caskets, one on top of the other.
    Plots for Cremains -Plots that are specifically reserved for the cremated remains of loved ones are often much smaller than those meant for caskets. As such, these are likely to cost less to purchase.

Single Space Plots

Single space plots are the most frequently used plots in the USA. They have room for just one casket and are for burying one person alone.

Burial Plot Fees and Other Price Factors

The average prices we’ve listed above for the different types of burial plots all have a large range. There are many factors that can influence your final cemetery plot price along those spectrums. The main variables that have a considerable influence/affect on how much you’ll end up paying for a funeral plot are:

    Location -In rural areas, burial is often more affordable than in cities, where space is limited and land is more valuable. Some states and regions will also cost more than others.

    Type of cemetery - A public cemetery is always the most affordable option, as a private cemetery burial plot sometimes costs double or triple the price. If you choose a crypt, it can cost upwards of $20,000.

    Plot size -your burial plot size will have an impact on the final cost. The larger your plot, the more it is likely to cost.

    Plot type -Costs can vary between single plots, side-by-side plots and double-depth plots. A single burial plot will cost less than a companion burial plot.

Additional Funeral Plot Costs to Consider

Of course, your cost doesn’t stop at the burial plot. You’re also going to have to consider the price of many other services that come with a burial. These include:

    Burial Permit -Depending on where you’re intending to be buried, you may have to pay for a burial permit, which can cost from between $20 to $100.

    Grave Liner or Burial Vault -Grave liners and burial vaults are two methods of protecting the casket after burial. These are going to cost, on average, a little over $1000.

    Grave marker or headstones -A grave marker can cost from between $300 to $1000 depending on how elaborate you’d like the headstone to be.

    Headstone installation -Installation of the grave marker can run you somewhere between $100 and $350.
    Interment -this is the word for the act of burying the casket and includes opening the grave, lowering the casket, and closing the grave up. After that, it includes laying fresh sod on top and completing the burial record. This can be expensive with an average cost between $350 - $3000 depending on whether the cemetery is public or private.

    Maintenance -This includes care of the grave site, maintaining the greenery and keeping the area looking pleasant. Maintenance costs vary from state to state and depending on the cemetery.

Recommendations for Saving Money on End of Life Expenses

After reading all of those average prices, additional fees and funeral costs, it can seem very expensive to bury a loved one. However, there are ways to reduce what you’ll pay for the same services. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

Purchase Everything Ahead of Time

Preplanning your burial can be a significant money saver for many reasons. You’ll pay today’s prices which means that when the time comes years down the road, and the average cost of a burial plot is even higher, you’ve already paid what it costs in 2021 and your purchase will be honoured. You can also set up installment payments at some cemeteries for your prepaid funeral plot so the cost is a little bit easier to manage than one large lump sum.

Comparison Shop

You can save a lot of money by shopping around for the best price on everything you need for a burial. For instance, some shops online sell caskets for much less than at a funeral provider. You can potentially save money on the grave markers or headstones by purchasing them online as well. Peruse a funeral home directory and ask for prices from several.

Buy Funeral Plots in Bulk

If your family is willing, purchasing a family burial plot can save a lot of money. Cemeteries are often willing to give a discount when you purchase multiple burial plots for family members at the same time.

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Burial Plot Costs Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest way to be buried is by preplanning your burial. If you opt for a prepaid burial plot, you’ll be locked into today’s rates and won’t have to face inflation when the time comes.

A prepaid burial plot is a funeral plot that you pay for before you require it. It can be paid for years in advance, saving you money on inflation.

No, you are instead purchasing the interment rights to that plot of land. That means despite someone else owning the land, you have the right to decide who gets buried there.

In most states, you can resell your burial plot interment rights, either back to the cemetery or to a new buyer. You are then free to purchase a new burial plot in your new area/place of residence.

You can pre-buy a burial plot in advance of the need for it and purchase interment rights for the plot you have chosen. You are not buying the land, but rather the right to be buried on it.

Your interment rights for a burial plot can last anywhere from between 25 to 100 years.

Yes, pre-buying a funeral plot will save you money and prevent your family from having to find and purchase a plot during their time of grief.

Like any piece of real estate, the answer is yes. They are susceptible to the same fluctuations and value increases as any plot of land.

The cemetery you choose will temporarily mark your grave after burial until grave markers or headstones are ready. So yes, being as the marker they place is temporary, it’s a good idea to purchase a headstone.

Yes, most cemeteries are happy to work with you to figure out an installment plan in order to pay for your cemetery plot.

Yes, your pre-paid burial plot can be considered an asset.

In most situations, the answer is no. If you’ve prepaid for a burial plot in a cemetery, you will require a casket for burial. There are few exceptions but they include green cemeteries , which offer burial options that are more environmentally friendly.

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Plan Ahead, and Ease the Burden for Loved Ones

End-of-life arrangements are unavoidable. You can choose to leave those burdensome decisions to those you love, or you can take care of them now. Prepaying for your final arrangements relieves your family of that stress, it saves you and your family money, and now, with the best prepaid funeral plans and insurance from Everdays, it’s a pleasant and simple experience. The payoff is immeasurable for just a few moments of your time now. So Let’s Start Planning.

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