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Prepaid Cremation Services

Cover All the Essentials so Your Family can Focus on Celebrating Your Life

Buying your own cremation services in advance might sound a little bit strange or even depressing—but handling the details of your final sendoff is a simple way to eliminate stress, pain, and confusion for your family. With Everdays, make sure all the essentials are covered so your family can focus on celebrating your life and remembering the good times shared.

Based in Detroit with services available nationwide, we provide prepaid cremation and funeral services. Our turnkey packages offer everything you need—and give your family the opportunity to say goodbye with support, comfort, and peace of mind.

Why choose Everdays for end-of-life planning?

  • Seamless and affordable: Find the prepaid cremation plan that’s right for you—and spare your loved ones the financial and emotional burden of planning after your death.
  • One-of-a-kind features: Honor your final wishes by planning your cremation in advance and identifying all the details you’d like. Plus, your family will be provided 24/7 access to your all-inclusive online plan and unique tools to support them after you pass.
  • Safe and secure: We partner with the best providers across the country so you can choose a fully vetted, trusted funeral home to serve your family. All funds that will be paid to funeral home providers are secured and insured by a national, A+ rated

About Everdays

Everdays is the first national direct-to-consumer company that empowers people to take control of their end-of-life planning before they pass. We’ve helped over 3 million families across the country so that when the time comes, their loved ones can focus on healing. While our company is based in Detroit, our prepaid cremation plans are available through funeral homes nationwide.

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Our Prepaid Cremation Packages

Find the cremation package that’s right for you. Each plan includes prepaid cremation services along with additional offerings aligned with your final wishes.

Click through each package to learn more about our specific offerings.

Traditional viewing & funeral service

As low as $2990

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Visitation & memorial service

As low as $1895

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Informal gathering or celebration of life

As low as $995

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What's Included in Every Prepaid Cremation Package

With the support of our prepaid cremation packages, you can make an informed, empowering decision—all from the comfort of your home.

  • Professional Guidance: By selecting a prepaid cremation, you will spare your loved ones the burden of planning. Funeral home and cremation providers at any of our partnering establishments will then guide and counsel your loved ones through the next steps.
  • Service Coordination: The funeral home will assist with administrative needs, permits, documentation, and other necessary tasks related to all levels of prepaid cremation services.
  • Digital Services: Give loved ones 24/7 access to your all-inclusive online plan, and provide unique tools to help your family after you pass, including the Everdays Digital Memorial and Virtual Guest Book, which gives everyone near and far a way to instantly connect and share support, memories, and condolences.
  • Cremation: From the time of retrieval to the return of remains to your family, our prepaid cremation services ensure compassionate care for your body.
  • Urn: If you choose, prepayment includes a $300 allowance set aside for your family to choose an urn from our offerings following your cremation.

Affordable Payment Options

Your funds are safely held in an insurance policy that you can pay for however you wish.

Pay Over Time

Low monthly payments for prepaid cremations with full coverage from day one.*

Pay in Full

Take care of your cremation with an easy, one-time purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prepaid Cremations

Prepaying for cremation with us is a simple process. By selecting a funeral or cremation plan in advance, you are able to make your wishes known and prepay for the cremation services with the help of an affordable installment plan or an easy, one-time purchase.

Cremation cost is an important factor to consider when looking into prepaid cremation services. Choosing a prepayment plan can reduce the overall cost of your cremation. We also offer affordable installment plans to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience.

The peace of mind you can provide your loved ones with a preplanned and prepaid cremation is priceless. Save your family from dealing with stressful choices or unforeseen expenses while ensuring that all of your end-of-life wishes are honored.

We offer several options for prepaid cremation services to fit your unique needs. Every package includes personal guidance from funeral home professionals to support your family, a cremation, and an urn if you choose, and digital services. We also offer a number of prepaid funeral plans.

Life can be unpredictable. Thankfully, our cremation plans are available nationwide through our network of trusted funeral homes so you can choose where you’d like to hold your service. If you ever change your mind and want to move your prepaid cremation plan to another funeral home, our care team will be here to help you switch.

Ease the Burden for Loved Ones by Planning Ahead

Although we might not always think of it as such, end of life planning is an act of love. Provide peace of mind for your family and free them from stressful choices and unplanned expenses in the future. Choosing a prepaid cremation package is one of the most generous gifts you can leave behind for your loved ones.