Build an engaged
community for your
client families.

Become the center of communication
and strengthen relationships with your
clients and all of their connections.

Everdays is free for everyone, always.

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Create an Everdays Announcement

for families to communicate, share and connect

Reach the community

Lead communication with client families using
the latest technology. Help them reach those
who matter most, anywhere, anytime.

Grow your influence

Establish a stronger professional brand through
sustained engagement with your clients and
their connections.

Increase family engagement

Connect families with their community
through private messaging. Help them relive
cherished moments with their loved ones.

Improve client experience

Make a difficult time more manageable by
allowing the clients to focus on their loved
ones instead of event details.

Follow family success

View how your client families are successfully
engaging with your Everdays Announcements.

Everdays Enterprise

A solution designed for your entire company

For larger homes, take advantage of our
Enterprise solution that delivers integrations with
your existing software, a company-view
dashboard and robust reporting.

Everdays Funeral Home Partners
Jay Dodds - President & COO, The Signature Group

Jay Dodds

President & COO, The Signature Group

"Everdays has proven instrumental at helping our
client families reach everyone they need, while also
helping us achieve our business goals."

Randy Schoedinger - CEO, Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Services

Randy Schoedinger

CEO, Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Services

"By bringing more people into our network of homes,
Everdays has elevated the value of our funeral service
to current and prospective clients."

Christine Cuoco - Manager, Ruby Memorial

Christine Cuoco

Manager, Ruby Memorial, LLC

"I can't say ENOUGH about Everdays! I love the app
and it makes me stand out. I'm looking forward to
growing with you."