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The next truly valuable service you provide for your client families is free.

Everdays is the only solution of its kind. This free and powerful announcement application is an extension to your client services that makes broadcasting a funeral announcement more manageable. Now your home can assist families in getting invitations and event details to all the important members of their community.
Your Everdays Partner Dashboard has everything you need to post an announcement, help families manage content, monitor traffic, and get actionable data for your business.

A Powerful Dashboard for You and Your Directors

Publish every case.

Create an announcement for every client, just like you create a memorial on your website. Families receive a custom text message and email to get started for free the moment you enter the case information into your Partner Dashboard.

Market your funeral home.

Once you hand-off an announcement to a client, they use the power of the Everdays service to broadcast it to their family and friends. Every announcement includes your home’s information and website, and every share boosts your digital presence.

Increase event attendance.

Everdays lets you and your families post important services as they come up. The app populates all of the necessary details in invitees’ calendars to make sure everyone has the correct time and address. This gives families peace of mind, and it gives you more foot traffic at your services.

Create continuous engagement.

Showcasing meaningful memories of a departed loved one has never been easier with our Stories feature. Families can add photos, videos, and other content and invite others to do the same. It only takes a few people to engage an entire community, and you can post on behalf of the family to get the ball rolling.

Get actionable insights.

Everdays gives you access to comprehensive data for every announcement. Easily see who’s viewed your home’s information, monitor web traffic, and manage app users through your Partner Dashboard. With this data, you can make informed decisions that help you meet your business goals.

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