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208 Martin Luther King Dr, Linden, AL 36748

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About Abernathy Funeral Home

Abernathy Funeral Home is a Linden funeral home with a legacy of providing the families they serve with personalized services sensitive to their needs. Their professional, caring staff will provide your family a memorable remembrance experience, whether that’s a traditional funeral service, a memorial service, or celebration of life.

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Here’s why other 60+ retirees are planning their funerals


No stress for family

Frees loved ones from difficult decisions and unforeseen expenses.


Part of estate planning

Clarifies exactly what’s wanted to avoid confusion about the services.


Everyone gets guidance

Gives family the support of trusted funeral home professionals.

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Answer a few simple questions about your preferences and we’ll help you find the services and support you want to put in place.


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We’ll turn your decisions into a complete, printable, shareable digital plan that is saved & accessible so your family knows just what to do when the time comes.


Provide for your family

Whenever you’re ready, you can secure your plan to save loved ones from an unexpected financial burden in the future.

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