Foster better client

Provide families
with peace of mind.

Reach more of the
right people.

Give your business a 
real lift.

Every announcement includes your home's brand and offerings. Every share improves your digital presence.

Two simple — but powerful — ways to use Everdays:

Partner Dashboard

Our fully digital, cloud-based platform gives you the power to create, manage and update announcements on behalf of your client families. There's no need for any new software.

Direct Integration with Your
Arrangement Software

This option automatically creates announcements for your home, so you don't have to manually enter case information into Everdays.

Join the only digital network dedicated to the funeral space and start seeing measurable results with Everdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a new case to Everdays?

There’s two ways to do this: You can create an announcement on our easy-to-use Partner Dashboard, or you can export the case information with one click through The Smart Director™ integration.

What happens when I send a new case to Everdays?

We automatically send a text message and email notifying the family that your home has created an announcement for them to share and manage.

How do I see all the announcements associated with my funeral home?

When you log into your dashboard, the first thing you'll see is all the announcements for your home. Next to that you'll see announcements created by your home and those created by client families.

I'm signed up for Everdays, but how do I present it to my clients?

We'll send you some materials to share with your families, and our team is happy to walk you through how to introduce the service to them as well.

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