Buying your funeral is an act of love and a gift for your family.

Put your loved ones on a path to healing and make sure they’ll have what they need to say goodbye with comfort and support.

When memorial plans haven’t been decided ahead of time, surviving family members often find themselves asking questions like: Did mom want to be cremated? How much does a funeral cost? How are we going to pay for this? What funeral home would dad have wanted to work with? Over 75% of people are compelled to buy their funerals so their families don’t have to worry about making the decisions themselves during an already difficult time.* When you your own memorial experience you join many others who also want to save their loved ones from these difficult decisions.

A purchase you’ll make and never see – the most selfless gift you can leave your family and friends.

The immediate days after the passing of a family member can leave emotions running high, and loved ones in the midst of grief and exhaustion. When the decisions and payments have been made ahead of time, family members can avoid many potential arguments or differences of opinion, allowing more room for support and healing. You’ll bring everyone peace of mind as they are surrounded by the guidance of trusted funeral home professionals and participating in the services you’ve lovingly set up for them.

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