The Everdays Announcement

Everdays fosters a greater sense of belonging and togetherness among your family, friends, and community.
everdays announcement exampleeverdays announcement example


It helps you create a common shared space

Create your own virtual community in a few taps using the app to connect with all those who matter.

“This app helped us share memories with our closest friends and family, making a difficult time easier and everything more meaningful.”

Lisa R., 60, Houston


It empowers you to have more meaningful conversations

Use Everdays to send and receive every condolence for your loved ones through private direct messages, all in one place.

“Great app. I still look through the page to read the messages and condolences on John’s page.”

Amy J., 42, Ann Arbor


It captures memories that live on forever

Rediscover special moments through a memorial video, created automatically with uploaded photos.

“I can’t say enough about Everdays. All the family and my mom’s friends shared photos that I had not seen before. It was a beautiful virtual memorial.”

Mary Y., 45, San Jose


It allows you to share and update event information in real time

Ensure that you’re surrounded by people you love at each memorial event by including all service information.

“Thanks to the Everdays app, I found out just how loved my grandma was. I couldn’t believe how many people were at her funeral.”

Sam K., 36, New York


It makes intergenerational communication easier

No matter who you are – a grandfather, great uncle, niece, or sister – bring all of your family conversations in one place and communicate in a timely fashion.

“Simple, beautiful and worked very well. I am forever grateful for the help.”

Tom C. 76, Salt Lake City

View an Everdays Announcement

Watch this helpful video to see an example Everdays Announcement in action.