Pet Cemetery and Cremation Options on the Loss of a Pet

Are you the pet parents who watched the beloved family dog being buried in the family backyard with tearful eyes, in Marley and Me? Pets are thought of as an extension of their families by many pet owners. It comes as no surprise then, that pet funerals, pet cremation and the topic of pet cemetery is gaining ground all around the world. In 2013 along, 500,000 pet funerals took place in the United States alone. Just like we honor any loved one, honoring pets is seen as something that’s critical in helping families, especially children deal with the idea of loss.

pet sematary or pet cemetery for your loved pets

How to organize a pet funeral service to mourn the loss of a pet

1. Taking care of the body

Many pet parents may organize a full funeral in a pet funeral home and take the body to a pet cemetery. This is often done with the help of an expert pet funeral director. It is also possible that the veterinary service/doctors may recommend a pet cremation option. You may come back with the ashes in a pet urn that you’ve picked. Alternately you can take the pet to a specific pet cemetery for the final journey. There’s also an option to bury the pet in your backyard or property that you own, if the cremation costs are very high.

2. Organizing a funeral service or ceremony

Many families pay homage to their pets by organizing events in the honor of their pets. This may include creating a tangible piece of art, using jewelry to keep the pet’s ashes. Families may also go ahead and share memories with each other. Ceremonies like these especially impact kids who may have grown up with pets and need to deal with the consequences of a pet dying. Families may also scatter the ashes of their pets in places that are meaningful to them.

3. Notifying friends and family

It’s sad when someone would ask a family about a pet after they’ve experienced a loss. It is important that the community that’s connected with the family can be made aware of the loss. Families may also invite a few friends and family to an event organized in the pet’s honor.

A great way to do this is to create a digital Everdays Announcement for the pet. Friends and family who need to be notified can easily be sent a contact message via the Everdays app in a couple of easy taps. This also allows the community to share their own photos, videos and messages for the pet and the family that has suffered a loss. The family is also able to receive condolences and connect directly with their friends to share memories and thoughts privately.