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Professional guidancesee more details

Funeral home professionals will provide professional guidance and support for your family.

Event & services consultationsee more details

Professional assistance to support your family as they decide how they’d like to honor your life.

Digital invitation cardssee more details

Everdays digital invitations make it easy for your family to personally invite relatives and friends to the services using the Everdays app.

Virtual guest booksee more details

The Everdays virtual guest book gives everyone near and far a way to connect and share support with each other.

Cremationsee more details

The cremation includes compassionate care for your body from the time of retrieval through the return of remains (within a 25 mile radius of the funeral home).

Urnsee more details

A $300 allowance will be set aside for your family to choose an urn.

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We partner with the best funeral homes in your own backyard

We work with trusted providers across the country to give you the freedom to choose the right fit for your family.

No stress guarantee

We provide a 30-day free look period. If you change your mind, you can cancel your purchase and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked.

Rest assured your funds are safe

Your payments are protected in an insurance policy issued by 100 year old, national and top-rated insurance leader, Homesteaders Life Company – so your family will have what they need.

Help your family through the difficult moments after you’re gone and make sure they’ll have what they need to say goodbye with peace.
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