Online Obituaries and Funeral Announcements

Online obituaries and funeral Announcements are some of the key ways to reach friends and family when a loved one passes away. Although many social and mobile channels exist, usually the hassle of working with multiple platforms is a deterrent for many families to reach everyone in the community.

A great solution to multi-channel in-efficiencies and expensive obituaries is creating an Everdays Announcement. It’s easy to share this announcement with all the phone contacts you choose. You’re able to add more families members to the announcement to reach more people. You’re also able to share the announcement on Facebook and tag people who may wish to be notified. The biggest advantage of the announcement is that it provides you a single place where you can send and receive condolences from friends and family. Your friends can share photos, videos and personal messages for your loved one. This allows you to capture and relive memories forever.

This began to change during the Civil War as hundreds of soldiers died away from home. Families wanted their deceased relatives to be sent home and embalming aided in preserving the bodies until they could be transported for burial. The rise of embalming directly led to the transition of deathcare from a job in the funeral home to an industry.

Online Obituaries and Funeral Announcements

How do you find out if someone has passed away?

If you’re close to the decedent, the likelihood is that you’ll be someone they call rightaway. If you’re a friend or an acquaintance, you may hear about someone’s passing on a text, a Facebook post or via an Email. If you’re the part of the local community you may hear about a passing in the local newspaper or traditional media channels, if the family has decided to pay for those.

The situation gets a little tough, if you’re living out of town or have not been in recent touch. For moments like those, it’s a lot like spray and pray communication. As a family that’s dealing with the loss of a loved one, it’s critical to use tools and process that ensures that no one important to your loved one feels left out in a celebration of their life. Using a cloud-based digital tool that’s mobile and web friendly is a solution that helps bridge any communication gaps and brings the community together.

What are obituaries? Are they online?

Traditional newspaper obituaries are written by the editorial staff in a media company often sharing biographical highlights, and other details of a person’s life. Families can also pay for such a feature. But usually paid obituaries are seen as death notices, which have the base details on a person’s life - often including immediate family details, date of birth and the date of the passing. Sometimes these paid death notices are set up by companies or organizations honoring a decedent who worked with them for a long time.

Newspaper obituaries are often also made available online on the media site properties. There are also different online sites where online obituaries can be set up. This is often set up under the guidance of funeral directors and homes which may have a few recommendations for families. The single biggest issue with online obituaries is their inflexibility in being mobile or share friendly. They also have set formats and often do not allow families to use different media formats - like the photos and videos. They’re often cookie cutter in the way the design is set up allowing for little or no customization.

Everdays offers a great solution to let families set up online obituaries which include much more than a regular obituary. This includes, funeral service details, the ability to send and receive private condolences, uploading photos and videos, a cover image and a profile picture- all customizable by the family members. Family members can also add their funeral directors to the announcements, so that they get all the organizational help that’s required.

How much does it cost to put an obituary in the paper?

An average obituary in the paper may cost anywhere from $200 to $500 in local newspapers. It may be a little higher depending on the publication. Some families may spend up to a few hundred dollars, if they’re publishing obituaries

How do you set up online obituaries and funeral announcements?

Online obituaries are often set up by funeral homes on their own websites or partner sites. A newspaper where a formal obituary is published may also have its own online version where the funeral announcement may be found. It is also common for families to share funeral announcements on social media.

There are a couple of important things to consider when choosing how to set up online obituaries or funeral announcements. Although, many paid or free versions allow families a multiple step set up, very few of these channels are mobile responsive or optimal for sharing further. For each of the announcements, families have to share a single link multiple times via text, emails or on social media. Most platforms also do not allow families to have a single place for receiving all condolences.

The Everdays Announcement allows families to set up all details including photos, videos, a personal message, a cover photo, a profile photo and all the event details in one place. Using the Everdays App, families are able to select contacts they wish to notify in a few taps. There’s also an option to add more family members to the announcement so that their contacts can also be notified. Families can receive condolences privately avoiding the onslaught of public social media messages, which are often not personalized.

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Discovering your family memories via online obituaries

If families use a single application for setting up an online obituary, sharing the news, and accepting condolences privately using Everdays, they in effect create a single space for family memories. Friends and family can contribute to the Everdays Announcement by sharing their own photos and videos with the loved one who has passed away. This allows families to create a single space with memories of a loved one, that live on ageless, forever.

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