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Everdays offers two great permanent whole life insurance options to cover your end-of-life expenses. Which insurance you get will depend on your health; but rest assured knowing that you are guaranteed to qualify for one of them. Our insurance is underwritten by ”A” (Excellent) Rated TruStage (PDF Link to more info about us), who protect over 37 million people and over $32 billion in policy value.

Our Whole Life policies provide coverage for your whole life: there's never an expiration date and your family can expect to receive insurance proceeds when your payments are up to date. Designed from the ground up for the needs of young seniors, Everdays policies offer great rates without the need for physical exams, invasive tests or credit checks. And when the time comes, your family will receive the insurance payout generally within just three days ensuring they can pay off your bills in a timely manner.

If you are of typical health and between the ages of 18-85, you can be approved up to $100,000 in coverage to protect your family.

Facing some health challenges? We’ve got you covered too. Regardless of past or current health issues, those 45-80 years old can choose up to $25,000 in coverage.

How much does it cost?

Everdays policies were specially designed to be affordable. Coverage is based on your age, gender, and health factors – and guaranteed regardless of health. Even better, quotes are free: so, find out for yourself how much it costs to fully protect your family from expensive end-of-life costs!

How do I trust that my family will receive the money after I die?

Our plans are backed by ”A” rated (Excellent) TruStage insurance which has been in business for almost a century.

Does my family have to pay taxes when they get this money?

No, because the plan is funded by a life insurance policy, the money provided to your family will be tax-free.

How long does TruStage take to pay my family?

Your family will be paid out on average within one to three days.

How can I ensure my wishes will be honored?

The Executor you select is responsible for your proceeds, and because your plan explains your wishes, they will know how you want the proceeds spent.

What if I have life insurance already?
What if I’m unhealthy?
What makes Everdays special?


We designed Everdays from the ground up to be THE modern way to design and fund your end-of-life plans.

When choosing Everdays to fund your plan, you gain access to our powerful digital planning platform that allows you to specify exactly how your proceeds are allocated – whether that be to your funeral services, credit card or medical bills, your mortgage or outstanding car loan, or perhaps even a gift for a loved one. Additionally, with Everdays you can choose who you want in charge of your plan so that your wishes are honored after you’re gone. Best of all, your plan can be easily shared with your family so that they know where to find it when the time comes.