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End-of-Life expenses

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You can get up to $100k in coverage

Everdays offers more than just life insurance - it provides you with a comprehensive plan that ensures your end-of-life wishes are recorded, securely stored, and fully funded. Affordable and permanent insurance through Everdays helps you fully protect your family against costly end-of-life expenses. Also, permanent life insurance accumulates cash value and allows for policy loans.

Your permanent insurance policy is backed by TruStageTM, a top-rated insurance company that has been in business for almost a century. TruStageTM maintains an A rating and has over $32B in assets.

With up to $100k in coverage, Everdays offers a comprehensive whole life insurance solution that goes beyond the limited scope of traditional final expense. Cover bills, travel & receptions, gifts for heirs, and more, all while accounting for inflation.

Once you've decided on the right amount of coverage for your family, checkout takes just a few minutes! Add your beneficiaries, answer a few health questions, input your desired payment method, and you're all set. It takes just 3-5 minutes, on average!

Our whole life insurance product offers premium coverage that lasts through your entire life at an affordable, locked-in rate. This policy not only maintains its face value but also gains cash value over time. It covers end-of-life expenses and provides additional funds for various needs, such as bills, travel, gifts for loved ones, or charitable donations. With our digital platform, you can easily manage and share your policy and final wishes with family members, ensuring your requests are honored.

Everdays policies also typically pay out within 1-3 days, providing your loved ones with quick access to funds while waiting for your existing policy, which may take months.

How do I trust that my family will receive the money after I die?

Our plans are backed by ”A” rated (Excellent) TruStage insurance which has been in business for almost a century.

Does my family have to pay taxes when they get this money?

No, because the plan is funded by a life insurance policy, the money provided to your family will be tax-free.

How long does TruStage take to pay my family?

Your family will be paid out on average within one to three days.