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One turnkey solution to grow your digital preneed business. Effortlessly sell funeral packages focused on maximizing service revenue for your home to anyone, anywhere.

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First, we build your unique network

Stop wasting time and money on uninterested audiences and let us create your own personal Everdays network of highly receptive consumers ready to start planning.

Next, we provide modern planning

From video memories to saving important contacts, we enable your Everdays network of family, relatives, and friends to digitally plan ahead for the people they love. Our native app experience accelerates them down the path to purchase your high-margin services.

Then, we sell digitally and naturally

Sell your preneed where today’s consumer wants to buy it – from the palm of their hand. With us, a dedicated sales agent and face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past.

A Buying Experience for Today’s Consumer

Don’t burden yourself or your customers with an exhaustive online inventory - we offer clear and simple funeral service packages that people understand and are able to buy on their own. All packages are focused on maximizing your home’s revenue from high margin services. Services are important, and direct cremation is not an option.

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Homes of every size have already made Everdays a place to grow their business.

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