“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” – Billy Graham

I didn’t have the good fortune of being raised by an honorable father. Sometimes, life doesn’t give us what we desire. I was always envious of my friends who had involved fathers in their lives, and I’d covet those relationships from afar. I knew I was missing out on an important guide in my life; however, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized how significant a quality father is to a child’s development.

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Why We Should Honor The Good Fathers

Why We Should Honor The Good Fathers

Superior fathers do the following:

Promote Social and Emotional Development

Children need to have positive interactions with their fathers. A good father gets down on the floor with his kids and plays. He wrestles and roughouses; he throws a football or kicks around a soccer ball; and he sits with his children to play cards or board games. This teaches children fair play and good sportsmanship. Kids with involved fathers have better social skills, choose positive friends, and can exercise control over their emotions.

Respect women

Good fathers are respectful to their children’s mother. They don’t demean her, control her, or abuse her in any way. These men treat their children’s mother with reverence and speak respectfully to her in front of their children. Children learn what they live. Watching their father interact with their mother teaches sons how to treat women well. Conversely, it gives daughters an idea of what behavior is acceptable from a man. This role-modeling will lead children to have better communication skills and choose partners wisely.

Know Their Children

When children feel close to their fathers they are more likely to attend college or find regular employment after high school. They are 75% less likely to have a teen pregnancy and 80% less likely to go to prison. Children who have a positive relationship with their fathers are also less depressed. Great fathers take pride in their children as unique individuals. They offer their kids unconditional love and acceptance. By paying attention to their children’s grades, knowing their friends, understanding their fears, and honoring their dreams, fathers show children that they are valued and treasured.

Open Up

Excellent fathers reveal themselves. They are not stoic providers who take up space in a household. Instead, they discuss their own mistakes and acknowledge their weaknesses. They tell stories about what life was like when they were young. They disclose their own dreams and setbacks. Sharing stories about their life makes a father approachable and human. Children learn that vulnerability does not equate weakness. This, in turn, gives children better coping skills and teaches them resilience.

Act as Leaders and Discipline Wisely

Fathers who set boundaries with love develop children who respect themselves and others. When fathers discipline by shaming a child, they create bullies. Fathers who lead by example teach children how to live their values. By understanding that choices have natural consequences, children learn from their mistakes. This helps to develop self-confidence which is needed to be successful in life. When fathers lead by example, they show their children how to exercise good judgment and be responsible citizens. In essence, they create future leaders who act in good faith and with integrity.

Protect Their Families

Children need to know they are safe and protected. This sense of security allows them to thrive because it takes away the anxiety that accompanies uncertainty. Besides being a physical presence that offers security, fathers protect their children from poverty and other detrimental factors. A father makes sure his children have appropriate shelter, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Fathers protect their daughters by insisting on meeting any young man who shows interest in her. They send an implicit message to potential suitors. “You will treat my daughter with respect or you will deal with me.” Fathers safeguard their children from dangerous outside influences like alcohol, drugs, and vaping by communicating their dangers and modeling appropriate behavior. Finally, excellent fathers protect their children from the adverse effects of too much time spent on screens and video games by setting limits.

Why We Should Honor The Good Fathers

Creating A Positive Long-lasting Relationship

It is critical that we never negate the importance and value of fathers. To all the wonderful men who are making a positive difference in their children’s lives–Happy Father’s Day!

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