What will people say at my funeral?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It’s pretty profound. It’s a question that many us fail to contemplate. I think the world would be a better place if we put thought into the answer. In fact, I bet many of us would change our lives today in order to become the person we want to be at the end. Below is a wish list of sorts. I say wish list because we are all works in progress. I can only hope that I am even half of these qualities at the end of my life.

But, as they say, “Go big or go home!”

What Will People Say at My Funeral?

She Lived Her Purpose

She rose to her potential and seized opportunities. She understood that life is magical and mysterious and a true miracle. She chose to rise and become the best version of herself by embracing and loving her role as a daughter, mother, sister, friend, and teacher.

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She Was Authentic

She was vulnerable and wore her battle scars with pride. She owned her flaws; they made her real and relatable. She wasn’t afraid to sit and chat with her demons. She knew that dark is what leads to light. Without addressing character flaws, she knew there would be no change or growth.

She Had Integrity

She didn’t judge others because everyone’s got a story. If you asked an honest question, she would give you an honest answer. She stood up for those who could not stand up for themselves. She did what was right, not what was popular. She didn’t hold a grudge and sincerely apologized when she was wrong.

What Will People Say at My Funeral? She Inspired Others

She Inspired Others

She was a role model to her children and students. She taught them that their failures and mistakes do not define them. She encouraged them to capitalize on their strengths and act on their dreams.

She Was Kind

She broke down her walls and opened her heart to others. She tried to understand first without judging. She helped those in need but did not enable them; instead, she offered a hand to help lift them up. She was that individual who would let you cut in in traffic.

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She Took Risks

Sometimes she fell flat on her face, but she wasn’t afraid of failure. She routinely made herself uncomfortable in order to experience self-growth. She listened to her own voice and intuition instead of relying on the outside world to define her. If she followed the expectations of others, she knew she’d play it too safe.

She Practiced Gratitude

She thanked people–a lot. She appreciated life moment by moment. She noticed little things: the intricate petals of a flower, the astonishing wings of a hummingbird, the belly laugh of a baby. She never took a day or a person for granted.

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Daily Reminder Of What Matters Most

I think I will post this where I can see it every day. It is easy to fall short of these qualities, and I certainly do. But, what a great reminder to continue the daily work of becoming whom I hope to be when my life is over.


What will people say at my funeral

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