Take a moment today, and think about memories of your loved ones that bring a smile to you. After all, #whatmattersmost to us all, is the memories and experiences we create with those who care and love us. We asked our team to reflect and share with us memories of loved ones that they remember readily.

We got back a load of sweetness.

What Special Memories of Your Loved Ones Do You Remember?

What Special Memories Of Your Loved Ones Do You Remember?

The Birth of Children

“The moment I held my kids for the first time when they were born.”

“My favorite memory is getting to hold my son for the first time”

A Christmas Miracle

“On Christmas Eve of 2013, my mother & I received a phone call that a transplant liver had become available for my father. On Christmas day, my mom & I shared a bowl of cheese soup in the lobby while waiting for the Surgeon to give us our first update call about transplant progress. I will never forget the taste of that soup as we patiently waited for our Christmas Miracle.”

Mum’s Cooking

“My mum used to say – ‘Food is the only universal thing that has the power to bring everyone together.’ I have a passion for cooking! I have a passion for bringing people together. There is no doubt that I was blessed to have learned it from my mum. My favorite memories are still with my mum when I am in the kitchen.

Our time in the kitchen was among my most cherished moments with her, even more than traveling. We would spend our time drinking great wines, sharing our day’s memories, and I would learn how to make the perfect meal that was prepared with love and amazing flavors. Today, when I make my Shepherds Pie, Tikka Masala, Curries or Seafood dishes, I am reminded of those most fond memories of my mum with every bite and every compliment from those who get to share that meal with me!”

Falling in Love

“One of my favorite memories is my wife giving me a box of mints as a gift on our second date.”

From Generation to Generation

“My grandfather wore a simple HMT watch when I was growing up. Each day, he would take one glance at the watch at 4pm and everyone knew it was time for tea. Both my grandparents (and me) would then proceed to have salty tea (it’s pink in color and common in the Himalayan belt) with bread. Breads were always freshly baked from a neighborhood bakery and always had sesame seeds on top. It was a little ritual the three of us would always find time for. I was very young when he passed away. But about 8 years ago, I asked my grandmother if I could inherit the watch. It’s mechanical, not a special brand and the hands have to be adjusted once a day so that it doesn’t lose time. She was surprised but very happy to pass it on.

Through the last many years, even since he passed, I’ve had very vivid dreams with my grandfather in it, specially when I’ve had some major decisions to make (like right before getting married). On the day we got married, I gifted the watch to my husband. It was not very flashy, so no one noticed it, till we went to my grandmother. She just touched the watch and kissed my hand.”

Getting Out and About with Loved Ones

“Hiking with my Father and Uncle through the Upper Peninsula woods and then setting up climbing gear and being taught how to properly climb and rappel on a rock face.”

“20+ years after losing my dad, I began having brunch monthly with my uncles (my dad’s brothers). Having not had much of a relationship until that time, it was a special event I looked forward to each month to learn more about my dad and my uncles while building a close relationship with family who ultimately became surrogate fathers. This past December, one of my uncles passed away suddenly. Monthly brunches continue with my remaining uncle, however the memories of brunch with both will live on forever.”

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Sweetening a Bond with Nana

“My late grandmother, Nana, lived in Ohio, but was from Bermuda. I never knew I had family still on the island. When I traveled there with my mother when I was 15-years-old, I met Uncle Quentin and Aunt Margaret (both now no longer living.) Their home was beautiful, complete with a grand piano which Uncle Quentin occupied after dessert. Aunt Margaret made a delicious lemon meringue pie- it was my first time having it. When I returned home, and bragged to my Nana about it, she was jealous. Nana and my Aunt Margaret often griped about each other. The next time I saw my Nana, she made me a lemon meringue pie, and would always make me dessert when I saw her. I already had a close bond with my Nana, but Aunt Margaret actually made our bond sweeter.”

Testing Science

 “One of my favorite memories is when we tested Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. We practiced starting and stopping a set of stopwatches, then took the car out on the highway. Our stopwatches only counted the 100th of a second for the first thirty minutes…Although we did not succeed, we now know what kind of stopwatches to get so we can try again.”

Lunch, Judge Judy and Grandma

“I used to eat lunch with my Grandmother almost everyday after I graduated college and was living at home. She lived in the same house – and each day I’d go down and she’d have food made and watching either Judge Judy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I ended up learning more about her during those lunches than I ever realized or could have imagined – with each difficult question on Millionaire or dumb dispute on Judge Judy, a new story would come up about her life that we’d talk about, laugh, and inevitably she’d get pictures out to prove. She’d have her tea, I’d have my sandwich, and we were both in heaven.”

What are your favorite stories and memories?

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