18 of the Best Life Celebration Ideas

What Kind of Funeral Do You Want?

That’s a funny question, don’t you think? We won’t be there to partake – so why should the type of life celebration our families have one day matter to us?

It’s really about taking care of our families – taking care of decisions now so they won’t have to worry about it later. Choosing your funeral experience long before it happens saves loved ones from a future of having to guess what you would’ve wanted – and hoping they got it right.

The Possibilities Are Endless

If you haven’t given much thought to how you’d like your family and friends to celebrate your life one day, you’re not alone. We avoid thinking about it – because it’s uncomfortable, it seems time consuming, or it’s just sad to think about. But shaping the experience your family will have after your passing doesn’t have to be that way.

Everdays Celebration Packages

The Everdays app lets you do it all. 

Within minutes you can choose your own funeral celebration package, select a funeral home provider, and buy it – all in the Everdays app. You can easily pick the perfect celebration and make sure the right people have access to everything they need when the time comes

Below you’ll find their best life celebration ideas to craft the funeral experience you want your family and friends to have.

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The Personal Celebration

If you’re looking for an interactive, virtual experience your family and friends can use anywhere, this one’s for you. This celebration is hosted on the Everdays app and brings everyone together, whether they can be there in person or not. Sky’s the limit – this celebration can be whatever you want it to be.

6 Ways to Make It Your Own:

The Heartfelt Gathering 

This get-together gathers your family and friends to support each other during a meaningful memorial service to remember a life well lived. With both an in-person service and virtual celebration, everyone everywhere has a way to connect and a chance to say their goodbyes.

6 Ways to Make It Your Own:

The Beautiful Goodbye

This full, dignified funeral service welcomes everyone to gather, honor, and pay their final respects as they participate in valued traditions together. With both an in-person service and a virtual celebration, everyone everywhere has a way to connect and a chance to say their goodbyes.

6 Ways to Make It Your Own:

Take Care of Your Family Today

Whatever you choose – and however you want your family and friends to experience it – choosing your life celebration on Everdays is a quick and easy way to give your family a big gift they’ll never forget. You can take care of all the details in a matter of minutes now – so your family can focus on taking care of each other later.

Alexa is passionate about resilience and is very interested in learning how it is cultivated in the face of adversity. She holds a masters degree in social work with training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and spent years as a clinical therapist working with children and families to navigate through grief and loss. Alexa brings her clinical training and experience to her role in Customer Experience with Everdays, where she loves helping to empower families everywhere to connect with and support each other through life’s most difficult moments.
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