Life feels so regular in its 9 to 5 existence that I’m not sure many of us let it sink-in enough to develop our own philosophies. However, when we’re touched by the loss of a loved one, it’s often transformative. We’re inclined to ponder upon what gives life meaning and ask what matters the most to us.

Is life meaningful through an active Facebook account with lots of online friends?

Do you find happiness in the latest pair of Jordans?

Does having an Instagram post with thousands of likes make you feel fulfilled?

Or is it something much simpler?

What Gives Life Meaning?

What Gives Life Meaning?

Pediatrician Alastair McAlpine of Cape Town, South Africa recently shared that he asked some of his terminal pediatric palliative care patients what they had enjoyed in life, and what gave it meaning. The thread really hit home with many people. There were nearly 260k likes and retweets of his initial thread and hundreds of replies.

Here’s what he learned…

What’s Important In Your Life?

None of these discoveries are new or earth-shattering. We’ve always known how important it is to be kind to one another. Yet, when we hear these ideas and learn that they came from children who are bravely facing death, it makes us reflect on our lives. Our lives shouldn’t revolve around social media, taking the perfect selfie, or getting the newest pair of sneakers.  This has prompted many (including myself) to re-evaluate what is important with the very limited time we have.

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Every Day Is An Opportunity

No matter if you’re going through a life circumstance that’s difficult, each day is an opportunity to reflect on simple joys of living. We’re fortunate when we lead lives full of people who love and care for us. And living in this gratefulness lends a lot of perspective to how we approach everyday life and the grace we bring to our close relationships. Don’t you think?

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