Who are you really pre-planning for?

The passing of a loved one is an extremely difficult time. In addition to feelings of sadness, confusion, shock or disbelief, family members need to make the funeral arrangements almost immediately. Unfortunately, this can lead to hastily-made decisions, financial issues, and even long-term debt. Pre-planning can ease these burdens and is a powerful gift you can give to your loved ones.

The Gift Of Pre-Planning For Your Family

The Gift Of Pre-Planning For Your Family

Preplanning a funeral is the final act of love one can leave surviving family members. Here are the reasons why:

1. Relieves Stress

Deciding between a cremation or burial, a burial plot or mausoleum, the right funeral home or luncheon venue are difficult decisions to make under duress. By pre-planning a funeral, all major decisions will be completed beforehand leaving loved ones time to adjust and heal from their loss.

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2. Provides Time for Other Meaningful Tasks

With funeral decisions pre-planned and financial burdens lifted, those who are mourning can focus on memorializing and remembering their loved one. It takes time to write a heartfelt eulogy or gather pictures and videos. It’s also not uncommon to have people fly in from across the country or even from around the world.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to give family the opportunity to spend quality time with those they see so rarely?

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3. Eases the Financial Burden

By pre-planning a funeral, financial arrangements are made ahead of time. One gets the funeral and memorial they want, while lessening the number of costly decisions family members will need to make. Without a plan previously in place, these decisions may become extremely costly and potentially cause long-term debt for survivors.

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Preplanning your funeral is a thoughtful act for those left behind. Make your final gift the most meaningful.

“May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love.” – L. O. Baird


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