We can’t always predict where we’ll end up in our career and no one knows that better than Major Clora of the Clora Funeral Home. The funeral director serving Detroit may not have planned to end up in deathcare, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a leader in the industry. In our latest post for Conversations with a Funeral Director, we talk with Clora about his career and how he is honoring life. 

How Major Clora Found Himself in a Career Honoring Life

Looking for extra cash to pay for school, Major Clora picked up a part-time, weekend job at a local funeral home. At the time, he had been pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. However, by 2008, he was the youngest funeral home owner in the state of Michigan. That feat, while impressive, turned out to be a challenge in and of itself. There were no opportunities for mentorship in the area and he had to face the industry with little experience and no guides. This didn’t daunt him though, he continued learning the craft, and today Clora Funeral Home operates three chapels.

When discussing the difficulties of the funeral industry, Clora offers a short motto, “Challenges always yield opportunities.” He embraces the evolution and change that happens in the industry. For example, cremation is becoming the norm for many families. Clora encourages his families to have services along with a cremation. Even without a burial, he wants to help his families find closure. Fewer families are opting for traditional services and he’s ensuring they still have meaningful events. He’s helping them navigate uncertainties and understand what matters most to them.

During his tenure in the funeral industry, Clora’s seen several other shifts beyond a move from traditional services. Events have evolved into life celebrations and he’s been inspired by his families’ creativity. He’s held services in parks and hotel ballrooms. Rather than church services, some families are instead hosting big community dinners.

Technology has also taken on a larger role in the industry. Funeral Homes have much more powerful tools at their disposal. Clora incorporates Everdays into introductions and has seen his client families really embrace the platform. “My families love Everdays,” he tells us, “Families look for the Everdays process when they first come in.” He’s found that many families especially like being able to notify their contacts immediately when something is changed. There are no more long delays in communication and fewer people out of the loop.

Focusing on the community 

Major Clora especially believes in giving back. That is why he established the Clora Funeral Home Scholarship. The home awards 10 students from neighboring communities. Recipients must have a 3.0 or higher GPA, be pursuing a degree in science, and must complete an essay. The essay prompt changes every year. The scholarship isn’t just for mortuary science students, it can go toward biology, chemistry, or healthcare–anything science related. The latest round of essays answer, “If you had unlimited resources, what would you do to change your world or your community?”

About Major Clora:

Major Clora, Jr. is the President and Founder of the Clora Funeral Home with three locations, Detroit-East, Detroit West, and River Rouge, MI. Major became the youngest funeral home owner in the state of Michigan in 2008. Personal service, the hallmark of his business sets Clora Funeral Home a part in a highly competitive industry. The Clora Funeral Home has become one of the nation’s premiere funeral homes.