Special Keepsakes To Remember Your Pets

Special Keepsakes To Remember Your Pets

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” – Anthony Douglas Williams

I remember leaving the vet’s office after putting my beloved cat, Andre, down. The only solace I had was in carrying a clay imprint of a tiny paw. That small token was extremely important to me. I remember caressing it as tears flooded my vision on the drive home that sunny, summer afternoon.

Another little paw joined the first as I mourned the second death of a pet. Again, that small treasure comforted me. I think it’s important that we honor our pets after they pass. When you think about the unconditional love they give us, it seems only right to offer them a tribute in return.

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10 Ideas To Memorialize Your Pet

Here are a few ways to keep the memory of a pet alive:

  • Write a letter to your pet and have it framed along with a favorite picture.
  • Buy a personalized urn for their ashes.
  • Purchase an engraved memorial stone for the garden or to place under their favorite tree.
  • Write about your adventures with your pet in a customized journal.
  • Consider using a beautiful keepsake box to hold your pet’s collar and tags.
  • Place a personalized Christmas ornament on your tree to remember your pet year-after-year.
  • Plant a tree using a living urn. This planting system allows you to grow a tree of your choice by incorporating your pet’s ashes.
  • Hang a memorial wind chime to remember your pet whenever the breeze blows.
  • Wear the memory of your pet by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry with their cremated remains or personalize a t-shirt with their picture.
  • Commission a portrait of your pet or create your own painting.

Special Keepsakes To Remember Your Pets

Keeping Our Pets’ Memories Alive

A special keepsake will not only preserve the memory of your beloved pet for years to come, it can be a meaningful way to share an important part of your life with those you love. When I hear stories about my friends’ and family’s faithful companions, it helps me feel closer to them.

There was the mischievous dog, Aspen, who trotted down the street with the neighbor’s downspout hanging from his mouth after chasing a chipmunk. A week later he ran through the same neighbor’s screen door looking to play with their children.

Mr. T, the rabbit, would unlatch his pen door daily and escape into the garden for an afternoon snack.

Another friend fondly remembers her children hitching their family dog to the neighbor’s in holy matrimony.

Finally, I heard about Patches and how he chased the nightmares away by sleeping with my friend each night.

As my loved ones recalled these stories, their faces lit up in a smile and, by sharing their stories, they provided the best possible tribute one can give to a pet.

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