Planning Your Funeral Is a Gift for Your Family: 5 Reasons Why

Planning Your Own Funeral Is a Gift of Love

We take care of our families every day without thinking twice. We pay the bills, make time for visits, call to check in, and drop everything to be there at a moment’s notice – being there for the people we love is the most important part of most of our days. And with so much time, energy, and money well spent making our loved ones’ lives warmer, easier, and more peaceful –  we often don’t think about the ways we can continue to do meaningful things for our families even after we’re gone.


Planning your funeral now, long before it’s ever needed, helps make sure your loved ones will have what they need to say goodbye with peace, comfort and support. It’s an act of love, and the one purchase you’ll make that you’ll never see – it’s the most selfless gift you can leave behind for your family and friends.

5 Reasons Why Planning Your Funeral Is a Gift for Your Family

1. Offers Peace of Mind

When you choose the experience you want family and friends to have, you save your loved ones from a future of having to guess what you would’ve wanted. When funerals aren’t planned and purchased ahead of time, surviving family members often find themselves asking questions like: Did mom want to be cremated? Would dad have wanted a big service or just the family? I can’t remember if grandpa said he really wanted a viewing, or really didn’t… Deciding on the services and events yourself takes away your family’s worries about getting it wrong – and hoping they got it right.

2. Everyone Gets Guidance 

When you plan ahead, you’re making sure your family will be supported by the trusted funeral home professionals of your choosing, giving them the expert guidance and support they’ll need. Funeral professionals are just the experts to answer important questions, such as: How do I file a death certificate? What do we need to do to publish the obituary? What all is involved in the funeral service? What about social security benefits? Where can I find grief resources?

3. The Finances Are Covered

When you make arrangements ahead of time to fund your funeral plans with an insurance policy that protects loved ones from unforeseen expenses, you can take the time you need to decide on what services are important to you, and how you’d like to pay for them. This not only ensures your funds are going towards what you want, it also saves your family from the heavy burden of having to make unexpected financial decisions in a stressful time.

4. Helps Everyone Get Along 

When the decisions and finances have been taken care of ahead of time, family members can avoid any arguments or differences of opinion about what type of services should be held. By talking with your family about the details, and making sure they have access to the information, everyone can take comfort in knowing these important decisions have been made and discussed long before they’re needed.

5. Surrounds Everyone With Support

When the services and events have already been decided on, loved ones can spend their precious time and energy together – comforting each other, honoring your life, and saying goodbye with support at the services you’ve lovingly set up for them.

Planning Your Funeral on Everdays

With Everdays, you can plan your funeral and take care of your family with this great act of love – all completely online. Our seamless planning experience guides you along the way, with helpful videos and tips when you need them. All of your decisions are safely stored in your free account that makes it easy to start, save, and return to your plan whenever you want. You can give loved ones instant access to your plans and documents, so they are always just a click away whenever they’re needed. And when you’re ready, you can protect your family by funding your plans with the insurance that’s right for you. Visit to learn more, or start your free plan today.

Take care of your family long before you’re gone

Handling the details of your own final sendoff takes away the stress, the scrambling, and the financing from your loved ones, and a way to give your family a big gift – freedom from planning and paying so they can focus on being together and taking care of each other when they really need it.

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