After photographer Tony Luciani‘s mother, Elia had an accident, he discovered that she was slowly losing her memories. Struggling with memory loss at an elderly age meant that she needed Tony’s care. She could remember memories from her childhood as far back as 70 years, but often forgot what had happened recently. While working one day, he chanced upon a creative way to save his mom’s fleeting memories, forever…

Tony and mom Elia, began collaborating on a photography project where she would pose in between his shots, and he’d often juxtapose her present with a faint childhood memory. Although struggling with health issues, this brought a smiles to the mother-son duo, and their collaborations continued. Elia would often get bored, and then ask her son to ‘take some pictures,’ making their bond closer than ever.

Photographer Finds Creative Ways to Save Mom's Fleeting Memories

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Taking care of an aging parent with degenerative diseases like dementia is challenging. Toni brought together a community of caregivers through his beautiful art project. He ended up knowing his mother better, and found more meaning in his relationship with her, creating memories.

Even if you can’t create art, here are some ways in which you can care for a loved one, and continue to live memories long after they are gone.

Creative Ways to Save Mom’s Fleeting Memories

1. Unplug and spend time together:  Unless you’re using your phone as a photography device, unplug and intentionally spend quality time together. For life’s fleeting moments, all you eventually will remember is stories and conversations.

2. Talk, each day: Even if you’re physically away from your loved one, use the power of technology to connect. Talk, message, and communicate each day.

3. Find space to save your memories: Saving memories or documenting them can be an arduous task. Think about easy solutions (photo apps, virtual communities) to add your memories. Choose something that is not taxing. Start a journal, write one line. Find one photo each day. Do something that’s easy. Make it a habit to stay grateful for the time you have together.

We may not be able to control life and death, but we can sure control how we let ourselves remember and care about people we love. What matters most is how we respond to situations that we often can’t control. What are some ways you’re saving fleeting memories of a loved one?

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