If one of your loved one’s last wishes was not to have a funeral, it is important to honor their request. It’s entirely possible that you may want to create a space to grieve and mourn your loss, because funerals really are for the living. Here are alternative things you can do in place of a funeral to honor your loved one’s wishes as well as your own needs.

My Loved One Doesn't Want a Funeral

Establish A Memorial

You can use powerful tools like the Everdays platform to create a memorial Announcement which is a dedicated space for your friends and family to share their condolences, photos, and memories. You can also share the Announcement on your blog or on Facebook as a tribute for your loved one.

What would you have said at their funeral?

Which story or picture would you have shared with your community?

Consider these questions as you create an online memorial Announcement.

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Make A Donation

If some people are disappointed because they won’t be able to honor your loved one by attending the funeral, choose a charity that they can donate to in recognition of your loved one.

You can use online platforms to make it easy for you and your community. Online donations can be set up by adding the link to the charity on the memorial Announcement in the donations section (see example on Everdays).

Host A Dinner

Gather family and friends together for a meal where signature drinks and food loved by the deceased are served. Encourage guests to share their favorite memories of the deceased around the table. But first, start off by sharing yours.

There are so many ways you can mourn the loss of your loved one and still honor their wishes of not wanting a funeral.

What are some other ways that you honor someone you’ve lost?

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