Importance of Music at a Funeral

Music is an intensely personal thing for most people. Whether it brings back good memories from their life, helps them through a tough situation, or reminds them of a person or place, music can hold a special place in a person’s life.

This is never more true than at a memorial or funeral, where guests have gathered to commemorate the deceased. The songs being played can set a reflective tone or create an uplifting mood, and don’t need to be “traditional” funeral music, like hymns or instrumental music with violins or organs.

Perhaps most important is that the music is within good taste and the family of the deceased has approved. Unconventional music has become more commonplace at memorials and funerals, and the music should reflect the deceased’s interest, but some discretion is obviously needed, especially when it comes to lyrics.

Below are a handful of songs that have become more mainstream for memorials, as well as a few that are specific to loved ones that have passed away.

John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band – “Imagine”

The Beatles – “In My Life”

Beyoncé – “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah”

Louis Armstrong – “What a Wonderful World”

What songs mean something to you or your family and have been played at a memorial or funeral? Let us know in the comments.

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