Life Is Too Short Not To Live Your Best One

Having a “Thirty-Life Crisis”

“Thirty-life crisis” was the term my coworker gave me. I was not young enough to have a quarter-life crisis, and hopefully not near middle-aged. Recently, I felt I had done nothing noteworthy in my life.

What had I actually completed in life that I cherished, and what did I want to do?
What would my best life look like?

I was now determined to find the answer.

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Life Is Too Short Not To Live Your Best One

Working Out

I need to embrace my current season. I am a single person with no dependents and a good career—I truly have no limits! I should explore more adventures instead of trying a new restaurant once-a-month (ok, twice-a-month.) As if the universe heard my prayer, I entered a raffle at my gym for free personal training sessions, and won. It made me consistently workout, monitor my eating habits (i.e. eat less cake for breakfast), and care more about my health decisions.

Jetting Across the World to Paris

A week after this self-realization, I saw my friend who told me she just purchased an inexpensive plane ticket to Paris, France, and asked if I could make the trip. I did not think it was feasible for me to go, for the only French words I knew were ‘bonjour’ and ‘croissant.’ I asked my boss for his thoughts, expecting him to agree with my logic. The answer astounded me: “You have to go- it’s Paris!” Fast-forward to smiling at Parisian strangers and viewing the historic architecture, my life never felt more great. This was the introduction to my best life.

Zooming on a Motorcycle

Next on my list was to educate myself on topics that interested me: specifically, riding a motorcycle. I contacted the local instruction course, and learned I already had a user ID for this program from 2012. This meant I had put this interest on hold for 7 years. The crazy part was I still had the original helmet and gloves I specifically bought for this course from back then. What better time than now to get my endorsement? Also on my list was possibly getting my Masters in Communication. My biggest regret was not choosing it as my undergraduate concentration, and is something I was still passionate about 12 years later. I am starting to look at schools to see their programs.

Switching up My Luscious Locks

The past few years, I pondered coloring my hair for the 2nd time in my whole life. As an adult, I was convinced it wasn’t appropriate for corporate culture. In light of my “living my best life” revelation, I decided to go for it. I had red box braids, my natural afro, medium-length pressed hair, and now slowly going blonde. Who knew hair could be so much fun?

Life Is Too Short Not To Live Your Best One

Living My Best Life

Ultimately, I want to look at my present-day life and say, I have done as much as I can the best that I can. My calendar now includes weekly dinners with my parents who live locally, and weekly screenshare sessions with my brother and his family who lived in California. I now have a volunteering schedule with my church’s small groups which give people a safe space to discuss their lives and their faith.

I have learned that things can perish, but memories don’t. I want to maximize time with the people I love, experiencing items that intrigue me, and have awesome stories to tell for the rest of my life.

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