Destigmatizing Death

I know several people who avoid funerals. They admit they are uncomfortable with death. The only way to mitigate our fears is to face them.

Death is a natural part of life, and if we are truthful, death is life’s master teacher.

We live a bit differently when we acknowledge our timeline is finite. We live with a little more awareness, a little more kindness, a little more purpose, and a little more gratitude. Attending funeral services is a periodic reminder to value and respect the tenuous nature of this miracle called life.

Why We Should Attend The Services

Below are a few reasons to make time for the ceremony:

1. To Find Meaning

Gathering after a death helps us contemplate life. Death becomes real and tangible when it is up close and personal. It forces us to think about our own mortality and ponder some very profound questions.

  • Am I living my best life?
  • What is my purpose for being here on this beautiful planet?
  • Are there things I need to change?
  • Am I living with gratitude or do I take each day for granted?
  • Do my family and friends know how much I care for them?
  • Am I happy and fulfilled or is something missing?

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2. To Offer Support

There is no greater sense of comfort for a family than being surrounded by a loving community of friends and family. When we mourn as a collective group, we feel less isolated and alone. Humans are a social species, and connection makes difficult times easier to survive.

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3. To Pay Tribute

A life should be honored and celebrated. It is said that we learn something from each person we meet. A funeral is a unique opportunity to reflect on what this individual may have taught us whether it be positive or negative for there are lessons in both.

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4. To Reconcile the Death

When we see the casket or urn for the first time, the reality of loss cannot be denied. We are compelled to accept the truth that our life is forever changed. Although we may rationally understand that our loved one is gone, a meaningful funeral ceremony initiates the healing process of the heart.

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