During the 2018 National Funeral Directors Association International Event and Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah, Precoa interviewed Michael Schoedinger, President of Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services. Schoedinger discussed his excitement in the new integration between Precoa and Everdays to build enduring connections between their funeral home and the communities they serve through valuable and supportive messages that provide guidance at a time it matters most.

Michael Schoedinger, President of Schoedinger Funeral

Schoedinger on Precoa and Everdays

Michael Schoedinger proudly stated that his funeral home has been working with Precoa for several years and validated Precoa’s mission on being the best in the business in growing advance funeral planning programs. He sees value in Everdays, believing that they are “truly unique to the funeral Industry” and join other progressive companies in the deathcare space by offering new abilities for funeral homes to maintain relationships with families.

Michael Schoedinger, President of Schoedinger Funeral

Everdays Maintains Long-Lasting Relationships

The texting and messaging component of the Everdays Announcement and app is of great interest to Schoedinger, who is excited about the opportunity to “maintain a relationship over the course of the year.”

Schoedinger says, ”We are all interested to grow our business, and if the Everdays app can spread the Schoedinger love to hundreds of people per funeral, the exponential magnitude of that is extraordinary.“

Everdays “is a way for me to support that family three and four weeks later when everyone has forgotten about [them], and they’re still sad, and they’re still lonely, and they need this support.” Through Everdays, Schoedinger can reach the entire community around a loss, and help educate them on how to support the grieving family.

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Precoa Powered By Everdays

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