Importance of Family: 5 Ways To Celebrate Parents While They’re Alive

The happiest moment in every one’s life is our parents smiling because of us. – Shaik Anwar-Hussain

Work, kids, chores, obligations–I’ve used them all as reasons I couldn’t call or visit. Really, they’re just excuses. Time goes by quickly, and my mom likes to remind me that she’s “on the back nine”. Sometimes, I wonder if my failure to acknowledge the fleeting nature of time is a form of denial. The truth is, time runs out sooner than we think. Forget the end-of-life celebration; let’s celebrate our parents now.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Our Parents Before It’s Too Late

1. Hold a Day in Their Honor

Invite friends and family to celebrate. Cook your parents’ favorite family recipes. Share family stories. Remind everyone of their accomplishments. Let them know what they have taught you and why you are thankful for them.

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2. Make a Video Tribute

If your parents live out of state, upload a video tribute to YouTube. Put favorite family photos to music, or interview family members and ask them what they miss most about mom or grandma. This will let them know that even though they are far away, they are not forgotten.

3. Vacation Together

Plan a vacation with your parents. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. Maybe it’s just a weekend at the lake. If the grandkids are coming along, go old school and insist on no phones or video games. Instead, bring out a deck of cards, a board game, or a jigsaw puzzle. Your parents will appreciate the quality time and your effort to revive “the good ole days“.

4. Enjoy a Play, Concert, or Ballgame

Does your dad love the Detroit Tigers? Surprise him with two tickets.

If your mom loves musicals, find out what’s playing in town, and then enjoy the show.

As parents grow older, they can feel isolated from the outside world, especially if they no longer drive or have limited mobility. Help them feel part of a larger society by getting them out of the house or home and celebrating the interests they once enjoyed.

5. Include them

We can celebrate our parents every day by including them in what may seem like the minutiae of our lives. Invite them to a grandchild’s sports game, have them over for dinner, or ask them to tag along when you visit a child at college. If you’re having a dinner party or hosting a get together, consider counting in your parents as well. Knowing that you value their company is the best way to show our parents that they are loved, appreciated, and celebrated every day.

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