“Authenticity starts in the heart.” Brian D’Angelo.

Lately, more and more obituaries are appearing that step outside traditional norms. These obituaries are personal, written from the heart, and tell a story. There is nothing wrong with traditional obituaries. Not everyone is comfortable with writing, so it’s perfectly okay to use a template or prescribed format. For those who wish to make a loved one’s obituary more personal, here are a few tips:

How To Write An Authentic Obituary

Tips On How To Write An Authentic Obituary

Use Real Language

In traditional obituaries, words are stiff and formal. To write with authenticity, write as you speak. Imagine that you are speaking to a friend about your loved one. How would you describe them? What would you most want your friend to know about this significant person in your life? Use your words, and be yourself.

Open your Heart

To write from the heart requires vulnerability, that is, the courage to speak one’s truth. It is the ultimate tribute we can give another human being. We are conveying our love for that individual with honest words that tell the world about how this individual’s life made a difference. Writing an obituary from the heart can be uncomfortable because it requires feeling pain and loss, but it is also very cathartic. As you compose your thoughts and words, breathe into the pain. Feeling emotional as you write is a sign that you are writing from your heart space. When you are in this space, the words, and sometimes the tears, flow easily.

How To Write An Authentic Obituary

Tell a Story

Tahir Shah, the author of In Arabian Nights, writes “Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”

Begin your obituary by considering the following:

  • What characteristics did you appreciate about your loved one?
  • How did he or she reflect those qualities?
  • What life experiences formed that individual?
  • Why did you and others appreciate this person?

As you reflect on your loved one, your words may be humorous, serious, or a little of both. The goal is to define this person’s life as genuinely as possible.

Authentic Obituaries Are A Beautiful Gift For You And Future Generations

With the digital age, obituaries are easily accessible and will be around for posterity. A personalized, authentic obituary is a beautiful gift, not only to your loved one, but to future generations.

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