A funeral program is a nice asset to create after a loved one passes away. It shares important information about your loved one and can include basic funeral service information. Funeral programs are also a great way to share memories and life details about your loved one with those who matter most.

How to Make a Funeral Program

Why Create A Funeral Program?

When someone passes away, there are many things you may wish to share about them, including what made them special, who they loved, and what they enjoyed. In addition, you may want to acknowledge those people who helped to make your loved one’s last days better, either with care or with love. You may want to offer something tangible that those who attend the funeral can take with them when they leave. Funeral programs can accomplish all of these things.

What To Include In A Funeral Program

Here is a list of ideas that you may want to consider:

1. A Picture of Your Loved One

This picture will be on the front page of your funeral program.

2. Basic Details

Include the loved one’s name, date of birth, date of death, funeral location, and perhaps the officiant. These are basic details to put in the program, either on the front or back.

3. Obituary

You can print your loved one’s obituary in the inside of the program.

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4. Schedule of Events

You can list out who is speaking and when. You can also note if a special prayer will be said during the service.

5. A Poem or Psalm

You may include one that reminds of you of your loved one.

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6. Acknowledgments:

Your family may want to thank an individual or two who helped care for the loved one during the end of their life.

7. Donation Information:

If you want others to make donation in memory of your loved one, you can make a suggestion for an appropriate charity.

8. Visitation Information:

If you’re having any kind of visitation, public gathering, or shiva after the funeral and burial, you could include time, location, and other details as well.

Digital Funeral Program

An Everdays Announcement can serve as a digital funeral program for your loved one. The Announcement can house pictures, funeral and various event information, obituary, messages from the family, and places to make donations in memory of the loved one. Most of all, it can be a dedicated space for you and your community to share stories from your loved one’s life.

how to make a funeral program

Everdays Funeral Planning Guide

We’ve created our free Everdays Funeral Planning Guide as a helpful resource to support you and your loved ones as you go through this difficult time. We hope this can help you make your difficult time more manageable.

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