How to Honor a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

“A million feelings.
A thousand thoughts.
A hundred memories.
All for one person.”
– Lil Wayne

We never forget those we have loved–whether it be a past lover or a loved one who has passed away. Their memory suddenly caresses our thoughts, and the randomness of their visit causes a nostalgic longing that is both sad and happy. It could be a scent, a song, a place, or an unknown trigger that catches us off guard. It can seem like the memory is prompting us to action, yet we let it slowly fade away like fog rolling out on a misty morning.

3 Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could capture and contain those fleeting memories before they sneak away? Here are a few ways to honor those we have loved and lost:

1. Share Their Stories

Honor a loved one by sharing their stories and the lessons they taught you with friends and family. A student of mine recently lost his grandfather who was very dear to him. I enjoyed hearing him tell stories about his grandfather, for the stories also reflected the essence of my student. I believe we carry around a piece of everyone we have loved, and his adoration and affection for his grandfather was heartfelt. Storytelling is becoming a lost art that was once the foundation of communication. There is nothing better than hearing an inspiring story, beautiful life lesson, or humorous memory. It is through these memories that one’s legacy is created.

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2. Start a Journal or Blog

All those stories you’ve heard about your loved one–write them down. Purchase a beautiful journal and devote it to your loved one. I wish I knew more about the grandparents I’ve lost. What a treasure it would be to have a book of stories to share with future generations. Stories, however, do not have to be limited to a journal. Consider blogging about your loved one. This will allow family and friends from around the world to reminisce through the written word.

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Remember the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Sometimes a photo can convey a feeling, emotion, or an understanding where words fail.

Create New Traditions To Honor Your Loved Ones Memory

3. Create New Traditions

Establish new traditions that pay tribute to a loved one. Whether it be placing flowers at a gravesite on a holiday or declaring a day in honor of a loved one, there are endless options when creating new traditions. Keeping it personal to your loved one will make the action more meaningful. For example, if your loved one was an avid bowler, go bowling with friends and family. If they enjoyed gardening, visit a botanical garden. Brainstorming ways to honor a loved one with friends and family can be great fun.

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Without action, memories tend to come and go and sometimes even fade. Let’s make sure our loved ones live on, not only in our hearts, but in the hearts of others who may not have had the pleasure of knowing them. I’m thankful to my student for allowing me to know his grandfather through his humorous and heartwarming stories.

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