Funeral Thank You Cards

The days and weeks after the passing of a loved one may be especially difficult as you try to begin adjusting to a new normal. Thank you notes can be a good reason to reconnect with friends and family, and you may wish to thank everyone who attended the services, sent their condolences, brought food or flowers, or offered a listening ear. It is also possible for writing these notes to feel stressful or overwhelming. If it does, it is okay to delay, or forego, sending them. Remember, there are no deadlines to meet, and even if you wait a long time, it’s okay to reconnect when you feel ready.

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3 Funeral Thank You Tips to Get You Started

1. Post a Thank You Message on Everdays

You can reconnect with all of your invited family and friends on Everdays to thank everyone for their support. Send a personal thank you message to each invited person by creating a new post on Everdays and choosing the option to notify all guests. This can be a great way to send a message of thanks to everyone, without the need to contact individuals one by one.

A handwritten letter or card to anyone you want to personally thank is another great way to show your appreciation. You can also send a quick email or direct message with a simple “thank you” to let others know you appreciate their support.

Below are some keywords to help you get started:

Appreciate Grateful Encourage
Value Comforting Soothing
Kindness Reassuring Uplifting
Fortunate Heart-warming Supportive
Thankful Consoling Considerate

2. Thank You Note Templates

Here are some helpful examples of what to say in your note.

  • A general message of thanks:

Thanks to everyone for your kind words, generous gifts, and offers of help during a very difficult time. Your acts of friendship and love have not gone unnoticed. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in our grief.
We appreciate your support,
The Jones Family

  • A universal thank you:

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement during this difficult time. It is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered.
The Smith Family

  • A thank you to close friends or family:

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for being there for me during this very difficult time. Your presence and help has meant the world to me, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.
With love,

  • A thank you for acquaintances:

Dear Ken,
I really appreciate you coming to grandma Susan’s funeral, thank you for your kindness. Your presence was a great source of support for our family.

3. Other Thank Yous to Consider Writing

Here are some other people you may wish to thank for their support:

  • The funeral director
  • Anyone who participated in services (this could be your family or friends who did a reading, delivered a eulogy or sang, your pastor or another religious contact who helped lead the funeral service, the pallbearers, or others).
  • People who sent funeral flowers, donations, and cards
  • Family and friends who visited from out of town


Funeral Thank You Cards

The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking about thanking everyone for their support is to reach out when and how it feels right for you.