Funeral Invitation

When someone you love dies, it can be difficult to navigate through the early days of grief. Whether your loss was sudden or you had months to try and come to terms with it, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Fortunately, your funeral director has provided your family with Everdays so you can gather together with relatives and friends to remember and honor your loved one. Family and friends can stay connected even when apart through shared memories, eulogies, and stories on Everdays.

Personalized text message invitations make it easy to instantly reach everyone you need, without the stress of contacting each person one at a time. Whether you are planning a funeral service, a memorial service, a virtual funeral, or not having services at all, giving everyone a chance to participate will help them, and you, to share memories and move through the loss.

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Who to Invite to Everdays?

While you may have already sent invitations out to some of your family and friends, you may now be wondering if there’s anyone you might have missed. It can be difficult to think of everyone you’d like to invite to join you on Everdays, and with so much on your mind, it could be easy to forget to include people who are important to you, and who were important to your loved one.

Here’s a short list of people you may wish to consider inviting to Everdays to remember and honor your loved one’s life:

  • Immediate family members: siblings, parents, children, spouse or partner.
  • Extended family members: aunts and uncles, cousins, grandchildren, grandparents, nieces and nephews.
  • Personal friends: include both your friends as well as friends of the person who passed away.
  • Religious or spiritual connections: members of any houses of worship, as well as leaders or support staff.
  • Social groups: members of any clubs, organizations, groups you belong to, as well as groups your loved one may have belonged to.

Perhaps your loved one was an avid crafter, community volunteer, golfer, or bowler. You’ll want to be sure the people who shared these special interests and events have a chance to share their memories and condolences.

  • Work connections: coworkers, supervisors, and employees. You’ll want to consider including your loved one’s colleagues as well as your own.

Many of us spend a great deal of time with our coworkers, and inevitably get to know them on some level. Inviting them to remember your loved one will avoid whispered questions with no answers in the workplace. If your loved one had significant work connections from previous jobs, consider including them as well.

  • Neighbors: It would seem that someone who lives on the same block would hear the news, and yet, think of how often days or weeks go by when you do not see certain neighbors. Inviting your neighbors with Everdays can help the neighborhood to feel a sense of community and collective mourning for your loved one.

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive and you may have other individuals you wish to invite.


Something to consider

A good rule of thumb is: invite any person who had a relationship with you or your loved one, and who would like to join you in celebrating their life, sharing memories, connecting with your family, and gathering together.


As you consider who to invite, remember that with Everdays you can invite as many people as you want, whenever you want. You may send the invitation out to twenty people today, and then to another twenty people tomorrow. Whenever you think of a person you want to include, you can simply open the app and share it with them.

Losing someone you love is so difficult, but connecting with your family and friends doesn’t have to be. Remember, the sooner you invite people to Everdays, the sooner they can be a support to you and one another.

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” Misty Copeland

Funeral Invitation
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