A Classic Goodbye: Popular Funeral Hymns

There are many options for hymns and readings to include in a traditional funeral service. Music has long been an important part of funeral ceremonies for it has been known to help us connect with our emotions and experience with grief.

10 Uplifting Funeral Hymns With Links

As you are working with your funeral director to plan the services for your loved one, consider what type of hymns you think they would’ve liked played during their funeral.

Would they have preferred a more traditional or contemporary feel to the music?

Read on, and listen on, for the most popular traditional and contemporary hymns for you to consider.


1. Ralph Stanley – Death is Only a Dream


2. The Lord’s My Shepherd


3. The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended


4. I Watch the Sunrise


5. Ave Maria


6. Amazing Grace


7. It is Well with My Soul


8. How Great Thou Art


9. Holy, Holy, Holy


10. Be Not Afraid

There are a variety of hymns to choose from, depending on what resonates most with you, your family, and what you imagine your deceased loved one would have wanted. Leave a comment with a hymn that you find comforting during a time of mourning.

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