Memories, prayers and thoughts for the family are on the top of your mind as you attend the funeral of a friend or someone you shared a connection with. Writing in a funeral guest book is often an expectation, so it does help to be prepared especially when you’re experiencing a mourning fog. Here are a couple of tips on what to write in a funeral guest book.

4 Tips on What to Write in a Funeral Guest Book

1. Create a Record of You Attending the Funeral

Remember that a funeral guest book is not the same as a condolence letter. The key purpose for a guest book is to notify the family on who has visited and create a record for them. It is not intended for you to share your condolences.

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2. Share your Family Name and Contact Details

Sometimes, it does help to write down a company or an organizational association, if the family doesn’t know you directly. It’s important to write legibly, as the family is less likely to have a digital guest book. Families often like having contact details. For instance, it may be important for them to reach you for a thank you card.

3. Sharing a Condolence

For sharing condolences, write a condolence letter. You can also share condolences via a private direct message on the Everdays app. Connecting on a digital platform is also important because it enables the family to reach you for future get-togethers or events. Being a part of a community that the family can always reach is essential and ensures you’re always a part of their lives, even if someone you knew in common passed away.

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4. Keep Information Public

Do not write anything on the funeral guest book that can’t be shared publicly. Guest books are typically shared with all guests. So, mentioning a small private story may not be appropriate. Do ensure that you stay away from an old corny joke, or an embarrassing memory because, remember, everyone’s reading your notes.

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